Compounds where Saudis are allowed to visit

hi everyone

Are there any compounds where Saudis are allowed to visit?

Thank you

Hi Kate

as far as I know that Saudis are not allowed to enter foreign compounds. sure about fal & Hamra not allowed.

is there saudi wants to visit you?

I have Saudi friends who come to my compound - Sahara Compound on Olaya.  They usually hang out at the sisha bar there.

Thank you very much.I had made some Saudi friends before coming here so I want to be able to see them occasionally. Any more compounds Saudis can visit?

hi i am Saudi national, just moved from Khobar to Riyadh working in Oil and gas business, i am looking for expat friend in Riyadh, specially people who are living in copounds, also interested in compounds who are allowing Shisha in thier bars or resturants

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