Greetings from Australia..

Hi everyone!! im miriam from australia, i just joined this exciting website and would like to make some new friends, hope all is well!

Welcome Mimmii ... Its our pleasure to found you here...if you do not mind can we be friends ?

hello Mimii welcome to

Hi! I'll be moving to OZ in a few months and I'll be happy to meet friends as well!

Hello Cecicasillation what do you mean OZ ??

Aussie, I don't know why but in Australia they also write it like that, OZ :) ha ha!

welcome cecicasillastin, Aussie a big country, which part are you going?

ohh i see now i understand...

I'm going to Melbourne, to study at RMIT :D

Im going to study in Australia in 2013.I hope we can make friend together Mimii :)

Hi There Miriam!

Welcome to the forums!

Hi! I just moved to melbourne, if you'd like we can meet up for some coffee some time. I'd love to meet new people around here. Let me know! :)



Welcome to the forum  :)

You have posted on an old(2012) inactive thread. I suggest you open a new thread and introduce yourself to others with a little information about yourself,

Hello from Australia. I'm new to the forum. I would be glad to meet you.

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