Expat meet up

Hi everyone I arrive next Wednesday 29 aug for 3 months I will be travelling alone and it would be nice to meet up with some new people .....I will be on Eden island for the first few weeks then I'm not sure if it will be la digue or beau vallon . I have face book too

It looks as if I won't be there when you arrive as Im back in the UK at the moment for a few months. If your still around in December/Jan and light on Praslin, say hello, enjoy yourself; it's a beautiful place. A few problems with theft but no problems with muggings etc. People are friendly and will help you out.
Tony Birch, in a very wet Bristol!!

Wow theft where we're you staying and how long for ?

La Digue is a real quite place, but very beautiful. Theft was from the house, it was no big deal just means we have to make it secure before we return to Praslin. I hope you have a great time there. I will be back in Jan so it looks like you will be gone by then. I stay on Consulation, Praslin.

I am actually quite envious of you !!! On your way to La Digue. Good Luck.

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