Good Spanish book that is available?

Hello guys.

I don't read Spanish but I recently met a girl who does. I want to buy her a book for Eid. Anyone who reads Spanish who can suggest a good book that I can find in one of the bookstores in Dubai?

Give gifts on Eid it's very nice and warm!


ADDITIONAL CLARIFICATION: A part of my decision to buy a gift is my will to encourage the other person to read and improve themselves. Having said that, it should still be an easy book as the person I am giving the gift to is not particularly highly-educated or an intellectual. It can be simply a thought provoking novel or something different, I am open to suggestions. Thanks.

pasaporte Uno
Nivel A, B, c

[at]Jason77 - In english please on this Anglophone forum! ;)

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That is the book's name and it obviously has to be in Spanish : Pasaporte Uno  .

It has 3 levels :
Nivel A,B,C.

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