crisis in England.

Hello Everybody,

I'm gonna live in London in february and some people said to me that its not a good idea because England is very touch by the economical crisis and its over for brits (this is too much no?! ^^). Anyway i'd like to have some informations from british or expatriat people who live in UK.

actually im in Paris and there is no opportunities for me ( i work in marketing). What do u think about London are there some opportunities or its over now?

Thanks for your answers!


It's tough all over!  My question is, who are these people that are spreading this "the sky is falling" prediction?


You're saying that you're 'going to live in London in February'. How long are you planning to stay for? Are you seriously planning a career (and your life) in London or want quick cash within few months?


Hi Julien,

I'm British and i've been living abroad for 3 years and just moved back to the UK last month. Just like you i was very concerned that with the current economical situation i would find it very difficult to find a job here in the UK. But within 2 weeks of moving back i was already in a new job.

I've found that there is a lot of people looking for work currently and you really have to stand out from the croud to secure a job. But if you have a good CV and you can prove in your interview that you are right for the job, then you should have no problem getting work over here. Yes there are a lot of people who have lost there jobs due to the recession, but also there are a lot of companies looking to employ staff, as long as you can prove you're worth it.

Hope this helps you with your desision to move to England, if you need any more advise, please get in touch.

Kind regards,



Thanks for your Answers!

So for answering to your question Suzanna I'd like to stay for planning a career and stay in England ( or not) but i'd like to leave Paris and France for an undeterminated period!

I think my English is not good enought for finf a job in my activity right now.

First, i'll be a waiter for improving my English and after few month i'd like to apply for jobs which corresponds to my cursus and experiences.

What do you think about it?

Thanks for yourt help and sory for my english.

I hope you understand.

Kind Regards,


It's true that the economic situation in Britain is dire. I'm British but have moved to Ireland because I couldn't get a job in Britain. (The Irish economy is in the toilet too, but there just happened to be jobs going there in my line of work.)

The British economy IS particularly vulnerable, because it is powered almost entirely by "financial services" - i.e. debt. The whole UK economy has been like a giant pyramid scheme, where we've been relying on tomorrow's growth to pay off today's debts. The same is true of America and (on a smaller scale) Ireland.

My own opinion is that the economic situation is going to get still much worse, because there is a world energy crisis in the offing (the newspapers don't talk about it because they're scared of triggering a panic). France will probably be in a better position than many countries, because it produces many of its own goods (especially food), supplies much of its own electricity via nuclear power, and its people are not obsessed with spending money that they don't have.

But as a short-term move, you might like living in Britain. There are SOME jobs out there, but as someone else said, you REALLY need to stand out to get them. If you're anything less than the perfect all-round human being with talent, education, drive and first-rate interpersonal skills, welcome to McDonald's...

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