Al Nakheel Residences - What's it like?

Hi, does anyone know anything about Al Nakheel Residences? I cant seem to find much information on the internet. Is anyone staying there or had visited? What was it like.


yeah its nice. 3 bedroom villas with like 12 villas round each pool (theres 3 pools) plus more villas round the gym. No restaurants or bars but we are located in the city and about 15-20 monutes from  grenada,  riyadh gallery ,sahara , hayat mall, kingdom mall, failiah and the cbd. not bad, not bad to live in. could be worse, but i like it.  If you are lucky the previous occupants might have left stuff behind. otherwise theres ikea or you can buy stuff off the compound  manager if he has anything. sometimes he has the odd fridge or tv

How much will it cost???? :)

No idea work is paying

Costs at the end of 2011 were SAR120k per year per villa.


We lived at Al Nakheel (Better known as the Siemens Compound) for 2+ years and loved it.  Its located near Granada Mall on the North Ring Road.  Its small, there is only about 30, large townhouse style residences.  Its a nice place if you enjoy low key living.  Not much to do...  Three swimming pools, track, Rec Center that doesn't get used much and a small park.  They have Compound Taxis and Busses for each of the schools. 

There is also another Al Nakheel Compound closer to the Financial District that I dont know too much about.

Good Luck to you!


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