Change of date for expat blog gathering : 6th October

Hi everyone - so reading all comments from other thread  and after recieving lots of emails , it seems 18 th August isnt the best date for most as many don't arrive until September time. So shall we postpone gathering until 6 th October which hopefully allows more people to make it. Hopefully this works better for most! Gillie x

Hi Gille,
Sounds good. Will definitely put that date in my diary! Hope to meet up with a few people before then :)

The 6th sounds good. Put me down as a tentative maybe.

Sounds good! :)

hi, im new to all this just joined this sight. what is to be expected. im really hopeful to meet new people, if you could reply that would be great thank, haley x

hi i would like to come along to this, it will be my first time a bit nervous as dont no what to expect, bubbly welsh girl needs some new people in milan :)

Glad lots of people can make it on the 6th- looking forward to it. X

Too bad i get to Milan on October 8th :(
I still want to make new friends in Milan!

hi guys,
how is this gonna work?
I'm italian living in Milan and would be great to meet people from abroad and exchange toughts and stories.
so, is this meeting open to everyone or do I have to pass a test? :)

I just came back to Milan after 16 years living abroad, so I'm a little bit like an expat in my same country! I'll love to join this meeting for know new people and share experiences.
Any chance to get an Aperitivo with other few expat before the 6?

I will like to come and actually, I'm looking forward to it. Marking date in my diary as well. See you all soon

the meeting it's one week away!
what about the location?

Hi everyone, looks like a lot of people can join us this Saturday which is ace  I was thinking possibly the easiest place to meet is in Terrazza Aperol which is next to Duomo. If you are facing main entrance of Duomo and look up and to the left you will see a terrace bar with white umbrellas (there is a posh word for these but I cant remember it). You need to go into the building which has some fast food places etc… and walk up the stairs at the back, think its two flights and you will see the entrance to Aperol.

If we say meet there at 8 for drinks rather than dinner because I don't know how many people are coming also if people are late then it wont matter!

There is an area on the terrace so hopefully we can all just meet out there!
See you on Saturday

haleyfraser wrote:

hi i would like to come along to this, it will be my first time a bit nervous as dont no what to expect, bubbly welsh girl needs some new people in milan :)

i would like to come also but I'm like hayley said, nervous! i Don't know at all what to expect!

Put me as a tentative for this too.  Hopefully I can make it :-)

Woop Woop- glad lots of people can make it- I've been bed bound last two days so have 23 hours to get better! X

Hi everyone - unfortunately I am still bed bound and unable to make it tonight :( typical! I hope u all have a wicked night and hopefully meet you all soon! X

Gillie, sorry to hear that. Hopefully you are getting better soon. I cannot come tonight too. I forgot that this week is Oktoberfest week in Munich. Of course I have to be there. Afterwards I will be sick too but it is worthwile every year :P. hopefully we can arrange a new meetup date soon.

Grande bella serata ragazzi! :) It was really fun yesterday!
Un saluto a tutti! We should do it again.

@smsx10 - In english please on this Anglophone forum! ;)


Haha of course Aurelie! It was just for thanks and prove a little bit to my willing to learn italian expat-friends ;-)