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Pmohammed :

Try Fish world in Budaiya...

If possible, could you please explain how to go to Fish World from Manama?

I got a few blue rams from budaiya . Not fish world though, they were from the other fish shop a couple of shops after fish world. Not sure of the name.

Helo all...

I'm desperately searching for java moss selling in jubail or dammam. I wanna add in my aquarium.
I have
3 x15gal tank
2 x 5 gal for angelfry and guppie fry

Please email me at

Thank you so much.

Can you come down to bahrain, java moss and a lot of variety is available with us.

Delivery charges would be 150 riyal.  let us know aceaquascapes[at]

Thank you for the information
InsyaALLAH i will visit. I will email the items that i need later.

Thank you so much

Hi im from Bahrain and I like the aquarium

Me and my friend we both take care of the fish


Hi, can you share me the name and location of the place please.


Does anybody here knows where I can get cherry shrimp (Neocaridina davidi var. red) or any aquarium shrimp from? Still have no luck finding one.

dear Asmack Arabia,

Assuming you are talking about aquarium shops in Bahrain, have u checked in Bahrain Mall? there is a aquarium shop setup near geant. I remember seeing a few shrimps there or you could ask with the lady who works there she would be able to help you.



unfortunately, i'm limited to what's available here in saudi arabia. doesn't have visa yet to go outside the kingdom. i hope not, but most likely what you saw are baby lobsters which a lot of people mistake as shrimps. but if the shop is kinda specialized one, then its probably real shrimps you saw.

dear Asmack Arabia,

if your limited to saudi arabia then i dont think you posting your query in Bahrain forum would be of any help, unless someone views your post and can guide you to the right place in saudi.  I would suggest you to create a new post under saudi arabia forum for better results.



thanks for your concern. there is already a forum created in saudi arabia for planted tanks. unfortunately, again, there's almost nil activity going on there. at least here, once in a while, someone will post a message. so at least there's some activity taking place.


i am going to bahrain tomorrow and stay for up to 3 days. Can you please tell me where's the best place to buy aquarium fish and plants? Is that in budaiya?

need your replies ASAP.


I'm Sudarshan and visiting Bahrain next week. Can you please share the location, hence i can drop down..



I know there are a couple in Budaiya road,
*Bahrain Mall (Sanabis),
*Ansar Gallery (tubli (Saudi Highway))
*Sitra (aqua life) : not sure about this one

you could also visit this below link to find out more, you could give them a call before going … egory/1973


@ simboy,

thanks! any shop in manama? i was told budaiya is far and outside the city.

@ Asmack Arabia

I know there was one near to American Mission Hospital, not sure its still there or not.

Btw if your coming from Saudi you will find budaiya on the way to manama

check google maps.


I am planning to have a small fish tank in my flat in bahrain.  long time wish and only now it is going to happen.  am in bahrain.  can you advise me as how to start it in a smaller way.  what find of fish to buy initially and where from.  points to remember etrc.,

Grand opening on January 1,2015 thursday  GOLDEN FISH SHOP @ GEANT BAHRAIN MALL 1ST FLOOR BESIDE REDTAG. 33244133

dear krseetha,

There are lot of aquarium shops around bahrain
*bahrain mall : refer to the above post
*lulu hidd
*ansar gallery: ground floor
*Few in budaiya

you may have to visit the shops and decide what kind of aquarium you would want, just to keep in mind now the weather is ok but during summer due to temperature variation some fishes don't survive ( if temp controlled environment then ok). Do ask person in the shop for more advise and im sure someone else may also reply to this post (again you could visit buy and sell section of different forums and check for good deals on aquariums as well)

good luck


Thanks.  I have spotted on the road leading to Manama from Adiliya.  Next to Egyptian Air.  It is not very big shop.  Hope the guy in the shop will help me.  Let me check all sites as suggested before going aheaD.


yes, temperature is an important factor here in the middle east. unless you can ensure to have a controlled temp for your tank, it is not wise to go ahead with your plan esp. if you always go out of town.

My flat has centralized temperture control (for each room). should I still have to have a temperature control for the tank separately?

krseetha :

My flat has centralized temperture control (for each room). should I still have to have a temperature control for the tank separately?

Yes you will still need to have a temperature control for your tank.  Different kinds of fish need different temperature water.  for example most cichlids prefer warmer water because they are tropical fresh water fish.

please join our newly created group specially for the Aquarium hobbyists in Bahrain to discuss our aquatic related issues and to get info on from where we can get we are are looking for the aquarium.

No one discussing anything about fish anymore....

Looks like :P i had to give up on my aquarium because of the environment in my apartment is not suitable, there used to be drastic water temperature change during the day which was killing the fish unfortunately  :(

Hey Guys ... no activity since september ....
Keep this thread live man .


P.S. Anyone can tell me where to find some cheap discus fishes .... 3" in size

I saw in some aquarium shops, but none of them were in good conditions, mostly were sick and remainings shapes were not good.

I may advise you to get from a hobbyist, if anyone breeds in Bahrain, or buy online from a known breeder.

Last time I saw was at Umm Al Hassam.

Dear do you know anyone selling Frontosa .
I want very big size .
If you get please call me ***

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Hi micheal.
Iam jose. I saw your post and i am happy that your planning on making an aquarium club. I am a pond guy i have a pond in my home country and i miss is so much and i am planing to make an aquarium right now but there is so much lacking on the things i need here to set up my tanks i am planning to breed some discus.


This is a very old post, i am not sure if the people are still active, you can create a new post if needed.


This is a very old post, i am not sure if the people are still active, you can create a new post if needed.

Yeah, this post is quite old and something sounds abit 'fishy' to me why josemari jason garduque wants to reply to it..  :P    :lol:


i was searching for amano and i found your artical welcome to bahrain even so its too late, i hope you are still here

am from bahrain and i like fish keeping and aquascaping

Hi Michael, Nice to know about your interest in fresh water aquariums. I have been actively into freshwater aquascaping, aquarium plants, fish breeding etc. for quite a few years.Landed in Bahrain a few months back and slowly came to know lot of people are into this hobby.
Positive that this forum will pickup and help each other with lot of knowledge about this beautiful hobby... Cheers!!

If you have a PS4 and can keep beers rolling count me in..

maybe we will talk about your love for fishes too, while eating one.

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