language schools starting in september?!

I am a student and I would love to do an internship in Denmark.
Because I want to find my way around in that time, I would like to take a language trip. All courses are starting in August, but unfortunately I have courses at my university till mid-September.
Are there any schools or similar offering courses in September / October?

It would be great if anyone could help me out! Thanks, Susanne :)

Hi Susanne !

Welcome to ;)
Hope other members will be able to help you out.



Try to call Studieskolen and ask if they have classes starting september / october. As far as I know they always have classes starting every time. Good luck

The course I'm in at Studieskolen just started today, and is a 6 week program.  So, I imagine they'll be starting the next session either at the end of September or the beginning of October.

I'm a student of studieskolen and providing you meet their requirements, you'll not regret it. I think they start new courses almost monthly so there should be something to suit you but I think you need to register a few weeks before hand.

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