Find a job before moving to Cambodia

Hi everybody,

I have a plan for moving to Cambodia, but first I need to find a job there. I'm a software engineer and is it easy to find a job in Cambodia?

check the UN jobs , maybe u find something

Hello Giang.

The Jobs in Cambodia section may help as well. Do not hesitate to post an advert there. :)

Good luck in your research,

There are quite a few software development companies around Phnom Penh (local and foreign owns)...if you have solid experience, I don't think you will have problem getting job as programmer here.  However, salary might not be as good as elsewhere.  Cheers and best of luck!

Software engineer? If you have a degree you should be able to find work at a university teaching and maybe in corporate sector.  Just don't expect to make what you do at home.

I have same question with Giang, but for water engineering.
Does anyone know any job for 2 years experience water engineer?

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