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We are facing a serios problem. I am already 6 months in bahrain and my girlfriend joined me 3 months agao. My girlfriend got a nice job and she got a 2 year visa for bahrain ... She is brazilian nationality.
2 days ago we been informed that my girlfriend has to leave bahrain immediatly ... They told us she is unfit for work ... But all medical tests been done in europe and as well in bahrain 2 months ago and everything was fine.

Anyhow we have no chane the visa will be canceled and in 2 days she has to go home.

Now we are thinking about to get married, because i am austrian nationality and as soon as we get married she get the austrian passport and she will hold my last name..... Can anybody tell us if she can go back than to bahrain because of the new passport or is the bahrain system that smart that they dont allow her to enter either not with the new austrian passport???

Thanks for your comments

I don’t understand however all medical checks were done in Europe and Bahrain and everything was fine, how come she was told that she is unfit to work in Bahrain?

To answer your question, yes with a new passport and a new name, she can come back to Bahrain with a complete different identity but she will have to undertake the same medical checks once again, and if she is still unfit as you were told, again she will be deported and the visa will be cancelled.

She might have given her finger prints before she schedules her medical check in Bahrain, in this case she is already recorded on the system, which means that searching through the system, they can easily find out her original identity and the reason her first visa was cancelled.

Hey thanks for your reply.

Her employee was fighting for a solution the last days but they dont give a clear statement whats the reason...

When she arrived in bahrain they took finger prints from her because the visa was already finished... Which means even with the new name and passport they will find out that she had already a visa etc. And thy would cancel the "new" visa as well  Is this correct?

But she could at least enter to bahrain with a tourist visa with the new passport and name For 14 days isnt??

As far as the the reason for being unfit exist, she won't be granted any residence/working visa. I hope her Employer can use his connections with the immigration to find out the real reasons behind such cases.

She still can come to Bahrain with her new passport and name using a Tourist/Business Visa.

All the Best.

Salam! I finish my contrct last feb 6. 2013. Ileave bahrain last march i have housemaid visa. Iwant to ask if there will no problm to go bck for me and work again in bhrain?

I shouldn't think so, people come and go all the time - you have visa so you will be ok


I got married 3 years ago in Bahrain, and went back Philippines together with my husband, he is a Cyprus national. We want to go back to Bahrain for a visit but they said that I am Banned, I don't know why? cause in my passport my working visa is cancelled. Can I go back again with my new  surname on it in my Philippine passport in Bahrain?


So have they said you are banned on your old passport or the new one with the new surname? If it was the old one, try your luck with the new one, but I don't think you will get the visa as the immigration forms will ask more strict questions compared to the standard tourist visa forms.

brightonguy :

So have they said you are banned on your old passport or the new one with the new surname? If it was the old one, try your luck with the new one, but I don't think you will get the visa as the immigration forms will ask more strict questions compared to the standard tourist visa forms.

There is no new passport or new name yet. They are considering getting married so I can presume that the ban is on the old passport as stated. I think they need to know can they get through by changing name/passport

Hi, Thank you reply.

It is not written on my old passport that I am banned, I did not know that I am banned. I was working in a hotel and I resigned. I went to LMRA to cancelled my working visa and ask to stay 1more month, they cancelled it and put another month. Then I went to Philippines after a month my husband ask his company to get me a visit visa but they said they could not get me because I'm banned. How come my Employer banned me? Labour said to us before that nobody can banned me, I just don't want to give my passport to them cause I know they will keep my passport and they will not give my salary. They are not giving us salary for 3moths, that's why I resigned.


The employer cannot ban you from entering to a country. LMRA might be able to that. Have you told LMRA about your employer not paying for 3 months? What was their reaction to that?

I did not told them about that, cause I already resigned. If the LMRA banned me, is that why I cant get a visit visa? LMRA is for people who have a working visa right? And why they banned me? I don't understand.

How will I know why I am banned in Bahrain? Please advice.


I don't think you will ever know that. The only option is to go to the Bahrain embassy in your country and apply for a tourist visa. If you are banned, they will tell you that you are banned. If you are lucky, they might give you the reason behind it.

Hi..I just want to ask..I work in bahrain 2yrs ago..I leave the country hoping oppurtunity in italybut found job and its ok..but I realise much easier living in problem is I have unsetteled payment to my personal loans and my visa wasnt cancelled..any chances to go back their to work and stay but im willing to pay my unsetteled payment..thank you

Is the amount a lot? Who's it with? Can you pay it off remotely before you start the visa process of?

I got 2k bd..but still have credit cards..but its stop only bcoz still looking for a job here then I can pay..Is it possible to pay installment bciz paying full is hard for me..thnk u..any chance to go bck there?

One of my friend he start working in baharain from the last 4 months.  He got a new offer and he decided to cancel his visa and go to his home country and come back in baharain after few days.

If he do like that do he have to face any ban to enter in Baharain..?

Please anyone advise .  Thank you

If he exits the legal way, he will not have any issues.


Thank you so much for your advise

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