Thinking about moving to Mauritius

My husband and I are seriously thinking of re-locating to Mauritius form Dubai, where we have been livinf for 5 years.  We are both self-employed and work globally but want a quieter pace of life than Dubai.  I would be very grateful for information on any of the following;

- Who best to speak to re: application of Visa's and the types of residency options available
- Real Estate assistance, I would like to speak to some of the top real estate agents, as we will most likely rent for a year and then think about buying
- cost of living and ease of living for expats
- ease of doing business - also what is the international community like in Mauritius?
- ease of community and making friends?

All comments, guidance, and introductions welcome!

S. Shah

Hello S. Shah and welcome to!

Hope that other members will soon share their experience with you.;)

In the meantime, I invite you to browse  through the different threads of the forum, it may help you.

There are also some articles in our participative guide which may be useful.:)

Wish you well,

Hello S.Sha. I see you are searching for accommodation. If you want my help, kindly tell me about the dates and in which region u wish to settle for 1 year? Hope to hear you soon.

Kind Regards

Hi, Shah,
You used to stay here for five years, so trust you know here very well.
Beautiful and friendly country. But small.
If you are the elderly people, it's a good place to live. But you have to consider the medical level and expenses if you have special requirement.
For the youger, I think there is no so many opportunities like the other prosperous place.

For your reference only.

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