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Hello All,

I am new to this forum and wanted to get some general info about Cairo and other people experience living in Cairo. Like the cost of living, places to shop, finding housing and jobs? What it was like when first moving to Cairo? How the natives treat foreigners etc. I am looking into relocating to Egypt from the U.S. sometime before the end of this year.  I would like to meet others who are also looking into relocating to Egypt with a family or without.  Feel free to contact me. Thanks :D

Hi Americangirl1980,

Welcome to! :)

Do not hesitate to view other threads on the Cairo forum.

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:) U may check the other threads, it gonna be so useful...

Hi Americangirl1980,

I also live in the U.S.A. and i am planning on moving to Egypt with my family in September. Do you have a set time frame on when you are leaving?

يا جماعة انتم مرحب بيكم فى اى وقت

Translation >> you are welcome anytime :D

ومش كده وبس انتم تتشالوا على الراس

Translation >> We always offer great hospitality :)

وبعدين متقلقوش انتم هتشوفوا الشعب المصرى
كمان ندعى انفسنا الشعب الضاحك

Translation >> Don't worry you will see the Egyptians , the most people who have a very high sense of humor ;)

مش كده وبس وبتبقى مش عاوزه تروح وتسيب بلدنا ده احنا بلدنا بلد سياح فيها الاجانب تتفسح وكل يوم وقت المرواح بتبقى مش عاوزه تروح علشان اكيد ممعاهاش فلوس

Translation >> Also you will see the great civilization of Pharaohs :D

AND each year all tourists who come to Egypt , when it is time to leave they do not wanna leave cuz they loved people , culture every thing ;)

Well me also saying welcome to Egypt :D

i just want you to see this video which shows the real of Egypt



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welcome to Egypt and to the forum :)

where you're planing to live in Cairo
cause the prices are different from place to place :)

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