I am on my way.

Hey all.
Been some time since I have been on the site.  27 days left in the US.  Working hard to get every thing done to leave here.  Flight is August 12th.  Looking forward to meeting you after all of the family stuff when I 1st get there is over.

Still very hard to believe that I am leaving my whole life to move there.  Must be "Love".  My wife,"Vin" is doing very good with her English classes and getting things ready for me when I get there.


Hi David,
My name is Sam (Cambodian), and I would like to discuss with you if you have known any American investors who want to do business here in Cambodia. There are a lot of potential business here i.e. in hotel,restaurants, guest house, resorts etc... If you have friends or investors who want to run the business here in Cambodia. I can work out the details of each project for you.

Please send me your email address as well.


Hello Sam, you are a bit off topic. :)

If you have some informations on how to create a business, do not hesitate to share it on the Cambodia forum by starting a new thread. :)

Thank you,

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