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Hey hey guys

this post is to just spread the word

ive met some cool people today who came up with the brilliant idea to set up a  community college type of thingie and gather in one place all the arts and educational hobbies in one place ,

i myself have been in search of  a place to  unfold some artistic workshops but totally unsuccessful in my quest so far , until i met these guys now

am happy to say that the place they have  is neat , clean, with a whole lot of natural light ( such a rare thing in PP yes i know !! ), it has some basic equipment but since  every start  takes some time to get it all going  i'd personally say it does look promising

its the type of space cool enough for any braistorming sessions, exhibitions , meetings ,classes based on theory display , college stuff, office stuff , dancing, drawing, photography ,media,...that's about all i have in mind at  that moment ..

i have not yet asked for the permission to post this .. so do kindly inbox me and i shall forward you to the people handling this entire awesome project

<3 Alina

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