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Greetings all, I am fed up with the restrictions here in Thailand preventing foreigners from finding work in any kind of position apart from teaching English. I have lived here for 3 years now and it is a great place but I need to find work basically.

I was considering relocating to Sihanoukville as I heard that would be the best place to find a job, and I understand that you can obtain a work visa for 25 dollars on arrival. Can you find work in the tourism industry, resteraunt industry, bars etc, graphic design (that is what I am educated highly in), but is this possible here as a foreign person?

All replies are greatly appreciated, thanks Tom.

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You could post an advert in the Cambodia jobs section. It might help you.

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THanks for the advice Christine. The thing is I am tied up with a few things here in Thailand, partner etc. I am not sure if I am going to make the move yet, I am interested to know how easy it is to obtain work there in any shape or form as here it is impossible. Thanks,


Hi Tom, browsing through the forum may help you.;)


I have looked around the net and this site but I can only really fnd jobs in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap but nothing really in Sihanoukville. I don't even know how to pronounce Sihanoukville lol, I can speak Thai really quite well and I am aware that Khmer is very different from Thai, they do not understand each other for the most part. How do you pronounce Sihanoukville by the way?

I am so split down the middle on this it is annoying me and causing my stress. If I put an add up on the site then I would be deciding to go, I need to know if my GF (Thai National) could find some work in a hotel or taking care of sick people or something as well. I really do not wish to stay in Phnom Pehn because I do not like city life anymore. It is true that Sihanoukville is nick named snooky? Sorry for all these questions but I need to decide soonish either go to Cambodia or to continue studying Thai here..


Yes when you get to the border ask for an E-Visa rather than the standard tourist visa. Yes it is $25.

You get it for one month but can extend this as often as you like....

You maybe find work in Sihanoukville but I think the better paid jobs are in Phnom Penh.


Cheers Robert, the E-visa being a business visa? I remember readin that a tourist visa is 20 dollars and a business visa 25, both able to extend up to a year at a time. Is there a single location you go to to extend the visa, or are there multiple?

At this moment in time if I do head out to Cambodia I am not too worried about living for higher paid jobs, I would prefer to find any type of work and find my feet to begin with. After learning Thai and being able to communicate with locals in the native tongue, heading there and learning Khmer will be like going back to square one again.

Thanks for your post though Robert.

With a tourist Visa you can only extend it for 1 month and can do only once. Yes $25 for E (business Visa) and $20 for Tourist Visa.

I wish you luck with your new adventure.


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