Next Stop, Tunisia - Advice??

Hi everyone,

My name is Alison and I'm currently living and working in Tbilisi, Georgia. I'm originally from the US and I work in international development. After having spent over three years in Georgia I plan to move around October to a place where I can improve my French and obtain new work experience. For various reasons I have become extremely interested in Tunisia and in all likelihood I will relocate there around October.

I am looking for advice regarding French programs and apartment rental while on a budget - I would be eternally grateful for any advice you can provide!

First, I have heard that the Institut Bourguiba and Institut Francais are excellent but unfortunately I have written a couple times and have not heard anything back from them about their programs (and I wasn't able to find a lot of information online). Does anyone know how their programs work? Would you recommend them over less formal programs or even private tutors if the goal is just to learn French?

Second, I am looking for a comfortable budget option in a single flat or a larger place with roommates. I am a former Peace Corps Volunteer so I don't need anything luxurious. :) I am flexible in terms of location but would love to be near the ocean and a French program. I have heard that it's possible to find places for USD 300/month so I was quite surprised to see studios going for much more online. What might I expect to pay for rent?

Many thanks! I look forward to being in Tunisia. :)


Hello Alison.

Welcome to!

For the accommodation, you can post an advert in the housing in Sousse section. It might help. :)

I hope other members will give you some informations.

Thank you,

Hi Akieler,

In which town are you going to settle down and how long do you intend to stay?

If in Sousse, I know 2 places  (one room in a two-bedroom flat  on the beach or a room in a house but in both case it would be for for short period. ) and in both case you'll be living with a french lady.

For the French program, I recommmend Alef Formations. The teachers are native speakers and it is in a serious and friendly atmosphere. They have a website, you can google it.

Hope it will help!


Hi Alison,

My family possess two studios overlooking the sea in the Medina of Sousse(Touristic zone), very close to Bourguiba school, and very suitable pricing too.
Feel free to message me ;)

Hi Alison,

If you plan to stay in Tunis and study at Bourguiba school, I think El Menzah, El Manar, Ennasr could be a good option where to live. I am sure you could share a flat with other students from Bourguiba School but I don't know how you could contact them.

[at]waaronw  I don't agree with you, the capitol is more crowded and renting is more expensive, so I think Sousse is a good option, and there are Bourguiba school there too.

Especially that Sousse is much more quiet ( & peaceful) than Tunis.

Thank you everyone for your help! Quick question, how far is Sousse from Tunis and what are public transportation options like?

Thank you!!


Hi Alison :)

The distance from Tunis to Sousse is about 143km and car travel duration is about 1h45
public transportation option are louage(shared taxi)and train.
I think train traveling is best.
for more information about train traveling between cities in Tunisia, check this site:

Your welcome :)

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