I would like to find out experience about finding job in Dubai

Hi there,

I am Tuyen and I'm finishing my senior year at my University in Vietnam. I do like the culture and people and other things of Dubai. That's why I would like to try finding an opportunity to apply job here to have my desired experience. If you have had some and want to share and guide or introduce me something, it will be great. Or if not it is completely ok to learn your language and make friend. I'm very easy to get along with, just say hello and introduce yourself a little and see it will lead us where, hihi.
Nice to meet you all and best wishes for you from Vietnam


Hi Tuyen,

This is Praful basically from India but presently working for a shipping co as Finance Manager in Dubai since last 2 years. About Dubai, it is really wonderfull, nice landscape, clean n lots of places to visit n enjoy. Cost of living also depends on the person how he spends I mean you can cut down on costs by staying in studio apartments. If you are interested in getting a job here then mail your updated resume on my /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\: praful.rawat[at]gmail.com and I shall forward it directly to the propective employer marking a copy to you. You too mention as what type of job you are looking at?

Hope to hear from you. bye


Hello Tuyen Vo.

You can read these articles on Work in United Arab Emirates. It shall help. :)

Thank you,

Thank you all, it's so useful.

Hi Praful,
   You sound very friendly to Tuyen and I hope you could also help me find an IT position in Dubai.
   I am Vietnamese by origin but speak French and English as well.

  I am US citizen and has more than 20 years of experience in IT for 500 Fortune companies in USA , I was
senior software engineer for a long time than becoming Senior Project/Program manager now.

I do believe networking with Dubai peoples is more effective than posting resumes on job search sites.
I have been working with many Indians in USA and they are very nice too, just like you.

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