hey my name is nora
i used to live in tunisia but we moved to riyadh im from saudi Arabia
im a teenager and searching for a summer job and friends here
since i dont have any in riyadh its kind of lonely lol
so any help with a summer job for girls here?
or at least friends :D i like making new ones from all over

Hello Nora.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

For the summer job, you should post an advert in the jobs in Riyadh section. It shall help. :)

Thank you,

Hi Nora, Just a warning.  You PM'ed me, probably others, too. But the policy here is that you have to make a certain number of open forum posts before you can send private msgs, otherwise you are cut off.

So please, join in the forum discussions :)

Oh and as for teenage expat girls:  people are desperate for help with their children since the ban on nannies and housemaids from the Philipines and Indonesia.  Maybe you can be a 'mother's helper' for the summer?  Take care of their children, play with them and basically keep them out  of mum's hair!

nice  ur looking for summer job send me ur cv

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