Interested in learning slovene language online?

Hello everyone!

I'm very happy I found this forum. My boyfriend is also an expat from Portugal and lives in Slovenija for over a year now. I know from experiance how hard it is in our country if one doesn't speak slovene.

This brought me to an idea! I'm an unemployed teacher of slovene language. My diploma thesis was about e-learning and I really want to continue in this way.

I offer you online language courses (Skype).

So if someone is interested in learning slovene from the sofa, contact me for more details.

Hello AndrejaZ and welcome to!

I invite you to post an advert in the section classes of Slovenia classifieds.;)

Thank you,

Živjo AndrejaZ,
I would be very happy to learn slovene online, I am french and my girlfriend is slovenian but she doesn't have the pedagogical way to teach things:/. I Spend more than the half of my time in ljubljana and if your offer is still on i really would enjoy learning.

Dober dan! I am living in Slovenia with my boyfriend and need to learn better Slovene for my job. I am from New York and know the basics but must learn more. This would be a great help. If this offer is still available I would really appreciate it :)

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Srecno novo leto, (have not found a way to tell my Mac to make a hatchek)

Yes I am interested in finding ways to learn and practice Slovene. I have a friend who is Slovene and I would like to speak her language. What is your plan?


Hello kikizd > could you please write in English in this English speaking forum? Thank you.

I am a teacher of Russian like a foreign language and I would like to practice. And I need to study Slovenian! )) A like Slovenia very much!!!

Hello! My name is Olga and I need to study Slovenian! )) I can to teach Russian for you.
My email is nikonka[at]

Best Regards,

hello am moroccan live in slovenia i know basic slovenian language i would like to talk slovenian more fluently thank you in advance :D

hi Andrejaz,

I'd like to learn slovene on skype. How much do you charge for the skype lessons?

Helo  Olga,  did you find somebody to practice  Slovene language ... I  would love to learn some  Russian  language  ,too if we  can re exchange our knowledge I would appreciate.


i am interested in your e learning expertise. is it possible to meet. i m in kamnik

I am interested in knowing if English is spoken widely in Slovenia?

Ops! This topic is about slovene language! So advice how difficult is it to learn slovene language as compare to learning English language.


My boyfriend is from Slovenia and I'm planning to move there in a year...
Im really interested in having some classes of Slovenian language :)

hey I am interested to involve learning with you.please do reply

@ Prakash001 > This topic is very old.
Please feel free to post your search in the Slovenia classifieds > language classes section.

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Priscilla team  :cheers:

Hi there
What  fees do you charge for an Skype lesson please in Slovene?
Regards Ali

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