When your heart is in Vienna

Hi Everyone!

This is my first time posting here. I'm Nicole, I'm 27, self taught corsetmaker originally from Philadelphia with Jamaican parents. I am currently staying here in Vienna on a tourist visa. I have been offered some contract work with a well known designer here and so I've started researching the process of getting permission to stay here.

I do not have a degree, I'm a self taught designer and corsetmaker. I have been told the sicherungsbescheinigung form that the employer has to fill out (not sure if he will or if there are any fees for him), arbeitsbewilligung, or a Künstler visa are the main options. It seems without a degree, I have very little chance?

My question is... are there any Artists or designers who have not completed schooling that have had any luck with getting permissions to stay or work in Vienna?

Everyone is telling me that I really have no options other than marrying (which is not going to happen) or enrolling in a school here... there has to be something I can do, but I'm just not familiar with how things work here at all. Any help would be much appreciated.

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