My Belgium Blog

So a year ago a made a blog about moving. However due to this site not allowing me to post it up because it was to new and didn't have 10 posts or more. When in fact it did I stopped. However I have decided now I am more in touch with Belgium and go out more I will start it up again for those interested in fallowing here is the link. http:/

Thanks Hannah

It's got to be worth a read :)

Its ok they will be more and more about gent eventscomming up as im now out more lol

Keep up the good work!


Anyway fallow if ur intrested in updates etc

HEY GUYS  new post is up about gentse fest please click fallow on the blog for updates

I'd debated doing a blog but opted against it since I don't do anything that outrageous or interesting these days, so I'll just read what you've been up to instead! ;)

ok thanks fallow hows life anyway

Life is fine Hannah just ridiculously busy this year, just a shame it's all work though! ;)

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