I need a flat... asap =)


My name is Aneliya, Bulgarian national, and I am searching for a flat to share or a studio for October-December (with possible extension of stay). I have recently graduated from university and am going to do an internship at an organization in Budapest for the period mentioned. Could anyone provide me with some advise on where to search, average price range for a room (in a shared flat)/studio, or any other useful information concerning the topic. Id be very grateful!



Aneliya, We have a flat to rent, although I'm not sure it's gonna be in your price range. http://fovamter.webs.com for details.

You can check this service for finding a flat: budapestcityflats.com
I don't know if they can offer you something for 2 months, since this is a rather short term for a flat rental, but it is worth a try.

...and one more, this one is for short term rentals: budapestapartments24.com

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