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Does anybody have experience of using Budapestestate estate agents, they are situated  at 7, Terez Korut,1067, I would like to hear off you:)

We used Peter Katona at the 5:th district office (used to work at the 7:th district), he is great! Takes really good care of you! If you want I can send you his number. He speaks perfect english and hungarian!


We used as a start point to try and gauge prices though it's not the most flexible microwave.hi is so much better to navigate but does not cover as many properties.

We arranged some viewings with various agents, the best being a lady named erika exactly from from avataringatlan email: szacski.erika[at] phone +36-1-780-0079 she is a really caring lady who was genuine and honest with us at all times. She also fought our corner when we made officers and did not raise prices due to us being foreigners. Good luck in your search

Here's a bigger list of estate agents and property managers (focused on rentals but still)
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