Driving license in Dominican Republic

Hi all,

Can a foreigner take the driving test in Dominican Republic ?

What are the formalities to get a driver’s licence in Dominican Republic ?

Do you need special or extra documents being an expatriate?

How much does it cost?

Thank you for participating ;).


To get a drivers license you need to have your cedula and residency established.  You may be able to do it after you have applied and before the cards are actually issued but you would have to check that out.  You need to also get a letter of good conduct from the local police/court house where you are applying for the license.  Then you take a written (actually on a computer) test in Spanish and you are issued a temporary license.  Forty five days later you can get you permanent one after taking a driving test (sometimes you can pay the guy some pesos and not bother with the driving test).  Then you are issued a 2 year license. At the first renewal mine was then for 4 years.
The cost will be a couple of thousnad pesos to do it unless you have a local someone ( we used a local cop) to help the process then you need to add his/her cost.

Bob K

Thank you Bob K for your help. ;)


That may not be necessary.  I am from the USA and my USA license is good unless I overstay my visa

Spacer that is correct but the original post was on getting a lic. here in the DR.
Your US lic will cover you while your are here legally wihtin the time fram of the visitors visa.

Bob K

Bob K since Im moving to DR soon how do I go about to exchange if so or take the proper steps in getting one, this post is 5 yrs old and i believe things have changed Gracias

I am not sure if you need your residency and cedula but assuming you don't
1  Go to Banco Reserva and pay your lic fee
2  Get a clean arrest record from the county court house (in PP near the roundabout).
3. Take your written test (computer) in Spanish
4.  Get your temporary loc good for 45 days
5.   Go back take your driving test and get your lic.
or hire a local AMET guy to walk you through the process and help with exams and such.  Usually costs and extra 1000 rd or so.

Bob K

Hi AXEL61.

In order to get a driver's license in the Dominican Republic you first need to become a legal resident (by having a temporary or permanent residency card).

Here are some links in Spanish and English with info on the matter.

http://www.mopc.gob.do/servicios/direcc … -conducir/

http://www.abreuimmigration.com/dominic … s-license/

I think this is pretty accurate.   We did ours 10 years ago


Gracias residency is in the works should hv it by mid month

Good job and you should be set to go!
Bob K

Will do so compadre

Trust me been moving ahead of everything, US State Department  is about to approve exportation of personal guns next week.

Gracias Abreu its in the works  the residency

Ahhh but there is no legal importation of guns here.  I am sure our lawyer can confirm that.  I could be wrong on this one.

You can import guns that are 9mm or less, once you have US Stae Department  give you authorization the receiving  end  which is DR can accept it and you hv to register it. Im on that already though

Here is a link talking about the exportation of firearms.

https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail … ol%2C-etc.

Within this link it says the following:

Please be aware that just because it may be legal to export a weapon from the United States on either a permanent or temporary basis, you still must comply with the import restrictions of any country that you may be going to or through on your way to your final destination.

Many countries are very restrictive regarding bringing firearms into their countries, so it is strongly suggested that you contact the embassies or consulates of the countries of your travels to determine their requirements.

Abreu I've  already submitted the DSP5 thru DDTC and FINALLY  have a casemanager, he told me that he should hv it within a week done. I will call the US EMBASSY  I'm  aware that ,40 caliber or above cannot enter thats why I went 9mm route. I suggest we open a blog on this matter what do you think about this?

I'm certain that many would be interested on that topic.

Please open a thread on this matter here as it pertains to importing that firearm to th DR. great idea!

A friend who doesn't have a residence visa wants to buy s car. Is this possible.

Yes, it's possible. Many purchase vehicles without having residency.

Thanks Maria.

What if you do not speak Spanish. Can you take the test in English? How long can you drive on a US license?

Someone will help you  honey.  AND  an international license is only good for the duration of your tourist visa - 30 days!

IT MAY be good for  the 60 day visa you receive when you are applying for residencia but I do not know that for sure.


For a few pesos you can get some one to help with the test.  It is a cartoon on a computer test.  Pretty easy to figure out

Bob K


Thanks! The more I read on this blog. The more worried I am about driving.



Frankly you should be worried. It is dodgemcars at the best of times.

There is a lot of noise on the road, lots of stupid signage everywhere. IF you don't speak Spanish, if you dont know where you are going then it makes it so much worse than it already is. Throw in motorcycles everywhere,  carros publico who are moving wrecks of vehicles with drivers intent on the next passenger who will give them  20 pesos and have no respect for law or life.............. you get the idea.

Oh my goodness. So I am hoping to move to Samana, but I will need to get around. My son needs to go to physical therapy and acupuncture weekly. I also have 3 Old English sheepdogs so I will ned a good vet and groomer. 

What do you suggest? I really do not like taking busses or public transit. Hire a driver?

Buses you wont find on Samana. There may be carros publico but not even sure about that.

Start using taxis. Find a good safe driver and negotiate with him. Once you have residencia and get a dominican license and you know your way around then maybe drive in samana area. Stay awy from the cities if driving. Take the bus to SD and the taxi or uber.

Hello MsPlanner, ( I know that name is your title here, just being respectful. ) I plan on visiting the country in March more specifically Santiago. My question is is it easy to drive around ? What I mean to say is it like it is here in the US? I know the sighs are in Spanish but other than that. Also, I plan on renting a car, will I need to purchase insurance or does it come with the rental? Is renting a car very expensive? Thank you ahead of time.

Hi Joseph,  imagine the worse traffic you have ever been in,  cars going where they want, turning 3 lanes into 7,  ignoring traffic lights,  motorcycles going every which way including coming at you the wrong way......plus lots and lots of noise, horns blasting constantly.   Now imagine you have no idea what is going on around you and cannot read the signs because well its Spanish.

Now that was a good day in traffic!   

Yes you can buy insurance with most legal rentals. Make sure you understand the policy and well again it will be in Spanish likely.

Planner it is not as bad as you paint it after you have been here a while.  Both my wife and I have been driving here for nearly 12 years.

Yes it can be a bit hairy at times and sometimes shit happens no matter how good you are.  However with practice it gets better.  There are places I wont drive like Santo Domingo.  I tried that twice and will never do it again.  I do not like driving at night and would never drive the mountain roads at night or in very bad weather.

As to getting lost some times we have hired a moto driver to lead us to where we are going with great success.

Folks if you plan on living here driving many times is a necessity. 

Bob K

But that is exactly  my point Bob,  "AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN HERE A WHILE". YES I agree that is when you go out and conquer driving.......   

Get the lay of the land first, get some Spanish under your belt,  understand what is happening,  GET YOUR LICENSE, then drive here.

If any of this fits you, then you deserve what happens to you. Driving is driving anywhere in the world.Drinking, drugs of anykind, cell phone use, B... Sh....g with passangers, not using mirrors, not vigilant & aware of your position in the traffic flow, have no defensive driving skill & worst of all, are fearfull, 'm tired of the nay sayers warning people away from driving. No one out there wants to hit you.  Accidents can & will happen, but that doesn't mean it will happen to you.  Don't be hesitant & afraid in your driving because then you could be the cause of one. Be defensivly (sp) agressive & you will sail through the morass. Some people could never have been pioneers crossing the praries & mountains.  Why? No common sense & no balls.  Be prudent & strive to survive the drive.

True to a large degree but there are some local drivers (motos mostly) looking to hit the lottery with minor accident involving a gringo.  I does happen.

Bob K

Happens a lot more than some want to know.

Planner knows, she got hit by one. Insurance & a local license are your safest bet. They won't protect you, just lower the cost. I don't suggest being an illegal driver, but I am saying don't be a scaridy-pants.

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