Expat Club Saudi Arabia! "interested? c`mon in!"

Yeah sure...interested to meet new friends here.

yallah let's party! i

eaahh suree...anytime ... ;)

Dance party? shall i join? lol!

hello everybody! :)

i wish i could join.....but its hard and unsafe here...

Why not? I will join

Helo everyone!

where is the venue?....beach party...

I like good friends, sharing knowledge each other

:o  Why this thread is even open till now....its been ages since last gathering (which i don't remember ever happening)....i think its time that we should retire and close this post...

Hmmm, good point.
Maybe i should start producing events and get togethers. I'd rather not have it closed though. There is so much info in it.

On a side note, anyone interested in a Friday night out? Next week though. I'm tied up this week. :P

Its been forever since i last offered, wonder if anyone would be interested.

Hey Guys,

I don't know if anyone remembers me or not, I once arranged a " Get Together " ... What I'm about to say now, could be quite Controversial ...

This " Get Together " is totally Pointless, everybody knows it, sorry to say this but its mostly about Ladies... When people say they are trying to find and make " FRIENDS ", what they actually mean is that they wanna get hooked up, WE ALL KNOW THAT! Admit it.
Its not possible for them people to find any " Friends " in the " Get Together ", so they don't enjoy the " Party " and no next time there. Admit it everyone, we are in KSA, so we play by the rules.

Only Possible Solution I can think of, is to have these " Get Together " Parties in Bahrain, or UAE, but then again, not everyone has enough time to travel that much and that often.

So, there, I said it...

For anyone who is ACTUALLY Looking for True Entertainment and Fun here in Riyadh, not finding " Friends ", I suggest that a Genuine BORED person should Join one of these Fitness Clubs... I have a membership of one of these VIP ones, they have Gym, Table Tennis, Pool / Billiard, Small kinda Theater / Cinema Hall, Swimming Pool, Play Station, Football, Basketball, Aerobics, Martial Arts, etc etc... and oh, they also have Massage Facility (don't have any wrong ideas) ... in short, Plenty of Good Fun Stuff to do.
Or, Just go out in the Desert, Adventure, Camping n stuff... We actually have a Mukhaiyam out in the desert, so we go there some weekends, play cards all night long and BBQ etc etc
If you have Money, get an ATV Quad and a 4x4, u get the idea to what to do with that...
If you have Even more money, get a fast car, or modify one and go to the Race Track outside of Riyadh...

Well, If you are Bored, you won't die, you are safe.
But if you are looking for chiks, then i don't know man, you gotta be very very very lucky here.

So, I apologize if i said something offensive, didn't mean it.

Good Luck Folks!

Hello everyone :)

As the subject says, if you seriously consider, its the best idea for a get away, not exactly the way our subconscious mind yearns for but you can get the feels lol

What we lack is LINKAGE, some of us have good links including me (maybe lol)

Saudi Law is against illegal gatherings but not against community engagement.

Considering that socializing is possible mostly with family events. I myself arranged a girls-only pool party with complete dance floor setup, hookah lounge and food and fun stalls. 1.9K was invited and 300 showed up as it was thursday and everyone was busy :( but the ones who managed to come almost had my eyes rolling my head microwaved, begging and bugging me for another event and even advising me their creative ideas.

I know one istraha (rentable compound - near Vehicles Inspection Unit also known as Fahas Al Doury) where we can all call up our friends and foes, have competitions, games, prizes, live music and so on and so forth.

We need entertainment ? Then we need to get in touch, fine we need to do it soberly and have a proper theme and share the rent which I guess costs 3,500 (if hooked up with pool and indoor stage stuff) riyals for full and half of that for half of the compound. otherwise it actually costs merely 1-2K

The point is only the first step is the hardest (which nobody wants to take and still craves for entertainment)
and once we engage, ideas will flow eventually and most prolly DQ remains the best spot. My friend is a certified DJ and held Riyadh Talent show in DQ. See, you gota have good company :D

In conclusion, lets do SOMETHING!

First Meeting (lemi do the honors, ladies and gentlemen)
Diplomatic Quarters - Pancake House (coffee shop and a restaurant too - its raining pancakes here lol)
Just come to British Council Office (everybody knows it) the Pancake House is walking distance in the same walkway if you keep BC on your left and you are already inside the block.
Time: anytime between 3PM - 5PM (flexible timing just so that most of us can meet up)
Date: I prefer ASAP which means this weekend 22 October 2015 - Thursday

I will be waiting and what I require sincerely from your side is, interested ones can spread the word out to friends and foes and don't forget to message me if you are sure that you can come so that we can exchange contact and I can inform the coffee shop in advance to book seats.

TIP - entering DQ
dresscode - VERY FORMAL 3 piece SUIT - so that security wont stop you and even if they do, just say you are visiting your own embassy or British Council perhaps. Still if that doesn't seem to make sense to you, inbox me for more ideas lol

Cyaah :D
(do I have to mention, that even if nobody msgs me or shows up, I will be having a frappecino all alone there?)
Forever Alone - lol - stay blessed people

We got another Visionary here...

I really appreciate his enthusiasm, but this ain't gonna work unless LADIES show up at the party... You might be able to conduct couple of gatherings, but a REAL " Expat CLUB " will always remain a Dream.
Even if a couple of ladies show up, it would be 5:1 ratio and ultimately people will be bored, and also in other cases, they will go away... Think long term man, I have done my calculations and it seems IMPOSSIBLE to establish a PROPER Expat Club... :mad:

If you Guys SERIOUSLY wanna create this Expat Club? Here's a Solid Freakin Plan, Solid as Concrete.

There is ONLY 1 solution to this, in my opinion: :|  Establish a Proper Governing Body
- We Need Proper Administration for this (based on Volunteers) (We need people who can offer Long Term Commitment, Kinda like a Part Time job for them, they'd be working for us for free, yes, no salary folks...)
   - We need people to plan the events, those who are in Riyadh for longer time and knows everything (like go and hunt proper places for events, make feasibility, do the costing, etc etc...
   - We need Female Volunteers to do the "Marketing & Publicity" for the Events and bring in people, Make social media pages or whatever.
- We need an HQ, a PROPER Base of Operations, not someones Home, better if its like a proper Office where Ladies can visit too (Rented with Money)
- We Need proper MEMBERSHIP PLANS (will work on it, once we get started)... I recon, this all can NOT work out FOR FREE... Everyone gotta PAY a MEMBERSHIP FEE, to cover our Administration Expenses.
- There SHOULD BE a FEE for Each Event.
- We also need a Volunteer Accountant, to keep track of all the Financial Activity, This Club would be like a Non Profit, so Every Member can ask to check the accounts as if we are using their Money properly or doin Corruption or earning Profit, whatever...
- Once we Establish this much, We can later further Expand our Services more, Like we can arrange Group Tours to UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, even Freakin Europe (if members can afford it)
- We need Board of Members ( to make policies and be the boss )
- We Need Managers ( to yell at juniors )
- Bla bla bla...

Well peeps, this is an overview of the Basic Plan. I also mentioned this plan once when I arranged the gathering before, I remember I told about this Plan to Salman and couple other guys, whome I don't remember anymore, but I guess, nobody listens to meh... :nothappy:

I've thought of this from every angle, " CLUB " won't come into existence, unless we ACTUALLY establish a Proper Body for it.  :(

Anyone here who agrees with me? hmm? :cool:

It's like a part time job which you are offering!


M sorry. But going through the earlier posts, I couldn't stop myself from LOL'IN :-D

M sorry though :-D

Agree with you, if guys and gals want  this to work some of us will have to pitch in and put the shop in order, else we keep bitching thats there is nothing to do in this city.

Real Good Boy...were you serious a while ago xD
OMG I could not believe my eyes...You have everything worked out bro but stone down one thing straight, Saudi is a holy place and no clubs or government bodies will ever exist, till the DAY OF JUDGEMENT unless in our DREAMS lol.

Your idea is rather specific, the usual, going to party, clubbing, mix girls and guys, losing your minds and desperation, everything fake and unproductive and temporary, destruction of communities and welfare (no offense).

My idea was rather the opposite of all, you could socialize if one have balls to talk to a girl in front of her parents (if he thinks he likes her blaah bluuh bleeh), there will be dance floors but separate under one roof one DJ...ALOT OF IDEAS.

Things can be done, in proper ways but its just that we get attracted to other eye catchy stuff easily.

Imagine, if you were not given eyes and then went clubbing, lol will you enjoy ? (having eyes is a blessing but a huge TEST too)

Well well well, I will still be waiting for those who wish to engage in more of family typo events and then you can get your friends in as well...thats more decent and perhaps in control...otherwise one must have a really strong contact in DQ and we can plan something soon.


- I'm not talking about creating a "Government Body" for this... When i used the word "Body" it means "Organizational Body" or in simple words, having an ORGANIZED TEAM with proper POLICIES and stuff...
- I'm in KSA for 15+ years so i have a pretty good idea about this place
- If your Idea of "Gathering" is going to a Restaurant, in a family gathering event? i don't quite understand what you mean there... Most of the people interested in this expat club are single.
- " Socializing " has different aspects, depends on our Perspective.
- Since Dating here is an OFFICIAL CRIME, so you get the idea.
- Talking to a girl in front of her parents doesn't need balls, but What you Talk to her about, that depends, or what you want out of that conversation with her.
- Talking to a girl in front of her parents, well sounds like a 5th grader thing...

I don't know where you are going with this, maybe you are just confused, or confusing us...

Please tell me, when you ask everyone for a " Family Typo Events " what you mean by that? Only for Families? then what about singles??? This Expat Club should then be renamed to " Expat Families Club " ... besides, families " Socialize " easily anyway, problem is about the singles.

Lemme let you know, the Founders of the Concept of this " Expat Club " are mostly Single.

But still, whatever you have in mind, go ahead and give it a try, just like so many others did before you and let us know if you succeed, good luck!


Chill out bro...

You know why my I first planned for a meetup...to see who is serious.

Singles can be inn too however I do not prefer unveiling details on internet.

What type of event can be discussed later...all I wanted to see was will anybody commit for a casual meeting given a time and place. Maybe, maybe not.

I do have very interesting gathering with various interesting people out there so I could care less.

On the other hand if I have planned for a meeting, I will be there as mentioned earlier.

Chao !

Good Luck! :top:
If you succeed, you will get this  :one

Gents, this is like a case of half-full half-empty bottle, both of you have a point. joining hands can give better results ..

In Jeddah we do gathering so work on it and you will succeed, anyway you need sponsor for this or whom can handel  it  from A-Z only one of you not all of you and one girl for marketing , anyway this has nothing to do with my thought about this idea rethar I agree or disagree but I know its boring there and trying to help good luck all >̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴͡

Thank you REAL GOOD GUY...how will I ever repay you for such a reward =') I feel so honoured. Thank Yew <3

Y'all are tryin' too darn hard fellas. read the post script note on the first message in this thread will ya?
showing your obsession and desperation over getting laid is amusing to say the least. if that's yer goal Saudi isn't the right place for you. oh and Good Guy, it's Alliecat, or Mrs. Allie for you. she's no "whoever" yeah? cool.

if anyone wants to make an official club, body, whether voluntarily or for profit or even self sustaining, please do it by all means. and for better exposure make a thread for it too. serious folks will come in with suggestions or participation.

sorry for being harsh but y'all are over complicating things. when I was around and active we had a healthy active group. and many peeps are still doing it via this platform. so stop complaining like it never happens. either yer not doin it right, or you're not meaning well.

and ad 15 more to your 15 and then add 1 more RGB, that would be my years of stay here ;)

Peace out,

  Just saw this. Are you doing it?  Or again. I live by Al Tahalua street and am interested in the group.

Hi everyone! I fin ur group as cool as u guyz!
Just let me enjoy reading conversations with u all..
Too bad I'm not even living in ksa..
If I am..I surely love to join ur cool group!
Regards to all!

Hay guys..
Is this group still active? I'm new in Riyadh and wana meet new friends for networking..

Hey hey hey

When? When? When?

Where? Where? Where?

Gwc3824 :

  Just saw this. Are you doing it?  Or again. I live by Al Tahalua street and am interested in the group.

my group of friends scattered long time back, Dave is still around... i think.
you're welcome to call me up for a cup of coffee if ya feel like it.


Salaam. Send me a message

Salman Omrani :

Howdy everbody!

I've been thinking, and I bet so were many others, that we should stop talking about how to make friends and just get on with making them.:cheers:

so I've got this great idea of starting a social network (in real life) so we can meet-up, have fun activities or share life experiences and even discuss business and politics in a safe and friendly atmosphere, I'll call it the "Expat Club" for now, once we start getting members we can actully make it official and decide what who and how.

for starters, lets set-up a casual get together in Riyadh city (since I'm living here :P) on a weekend and findout if people are serious in meeting new faces and making new friends.. we can think-up some outdoor activites for later on, such as desert trips or tours inside as well as outside of riyadh, we might (depending on the members) organize visits or monthly meetings (or quarterly even "every three months) in others cities like Jeddah or Dammam. it's just an idea and its just the begining, it depends on you to make it happen.

here goes nothing :P , I'm setting a weekend thursday 15th October as a first meeting date, your welcome to suggest a better date for valid reasons.

so what are you people waiting for? lets hear what you got to say! :D

Salman Omrani

This was an initiative made at a certain time and a certain City, this thread is to bring you all together and make your plans likewise so check the latest posts in this thread and find or fix meetings in your own area. all the best - Salman

Hi! This is a good idea however, the first date of the meeting is far way too long. You might want to make it earlier so you could have longer time for planning also, you will be able to hear the suggestions from other expatriates.  Count me in for this idea. Shukran :)

Hi Salman

I am also interested.
This sounds great.

Is the expat club still functioning? I would like join if it is...

Why not it is still working

Hi Everyone! Hope youre all well and in good health, please check the dates on these posts. Youre quoting me on posts that are almost 10 years old.

Saudi arabia has become far more open than it used to be and in all honesty it shouldn't be that difficult to meet folks. If you go out you might get lucky and make friends and create your own life style. If youre a homie person like me, you can make many friends by interacting here on the posts threads and connections.

And if you prefer having a group to get together  woth, start making one. And i always welcome people who want to hang out with me, but due to career and all im unable to maintain a group.

So go out there and rock it, because only you can.

Love and peace

Website address of expat club?

How to join the club

Hi, How can I join you.


Ch Justin

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