Expat Club Saudi Arabia! "interested? c`mon in!"

Howdy everbody!

I've been thinking, and I bet so were many others, that we should stop talking about how to make friends and just get on with making them.:cheers:

so I've got this great idea of starting a social network (in real life) so we can meet-up, have fun activities or share life experiences and even discuss business and politics in a safe and friendly atmosphere, I'll call it the "Expat Club" for now, once we start getting members we can actully make it official and decide what who and how.

for starters, lets set-up a casual get together in Riyadh city (since I'm living here :P) on a weekend and findout if people are serious in meeting new faces and making new friends.. we can think-up some outdoor activites for later on, such as desert trips or tours inside as well as outside of riyadh, we might (depending on the members) organize visits or monthly meetings (or quarterly even "every three months) in others cities like Jeddah or Dammam. it's just an idea and its just the begining, it depends on you to make it happen.

here goes nothing :P , I'm setting a weekend thursday 15th October as a first meeting date, your welcome to suggest a better date for valid reasons.

so what are you people waiting for? lets hear what you got to say! :D

Salman Omrani

This was an initiative made at a certain time and a certain City, this thread is to bring you all together and make your plans likewise so check the latest posts in this thread and find or fix meetings in your own area. all the best - Salman

gr8 idea Salman. it would be fun and also beneficial.
for starters the first meeting could easily be held at a food court, restaurant, or even a compound, if there are those interested who can make it happen.
lets go for it guys...

Thanks Musicman,

unfortunately since there was not replies.. (at ALL :o ) I have been booked out for the 15th October, so for now it will be postponded till further notice. (or further replies for that matter :P )

hence I will wait for interested people's reply and adjust a schedule after that.

Yes, very good initiative Salman :top:

Good Salman,

It is nice idea... lets start we will be together insha-allah....

First things first, thanks a billion Julien for the support :)

Nice to hear from you aftab,
your on the team, it seems IT vs HR for now :P (musicman is on your side)
any other brave souls out there?
we need at least three more members to activate the first get-together.

the function targets expats in general hence it means "All" expats, men and women alike.

What a good idea you had Salman!!!
I'm definitely in if anything happen.
One more HR now :D


Thanks Fripouille, we have another member and hes on my team! :P though we all know we are one team in the end ;)

ok everybody it's countdown now, I won't be waiting anylonger but any additional members are welcome!

okay guys, Musicman, aftab and fripouille! let's promote a date; how does coming thursday night sound? that would be 15 October! the original meeting date, I just have enough time for the evening, so what do you guys think?

let me know whats on your mind.


OK! this is it guys, and since there are no gals ;) were going to a public cafe, located at the infamous "Tahlia" street, here's the google map link;

Meeting Location

but you can Private Message me for exact details on location.

Time is 7:40 PM, ofcourse as above 15th Oct, I hope that is a convenient timing. we will have a few cups of coffee or whatever, sorry no wine though :P and we can see where our discussions lead us.
I have big plans for this club, but in the end it depends on members not on founders. so lets hear from you, you and you.

atendees Kindly confirm, and if you wana stay upto date, subscribe to this thread.


Hi Guys,

You have to get the women here motivated!!

I'm game to make new friends and get out and do things, esp. on weekends.  For a woman to associate with men, however, a western compound seems the best bet. Any members here lucky enough to have access to such a place?



Hi Alli,

you got guts I'll give you that ;) (meaning= an adventurous soul) Being the first lady to join, and in appreciation of that courageous attitude I'm nominating you as a board member of the "Expat-Club KSA" along with me and musicman, we'll interview you when we meet :P (I hope you like it though, otherwise we can just forget the idea :) ) just a note for everyone else, being first lady deciding to jump in is a "Big" plus in my book.
That said, unless we have a resource that can accommodate the event in a compound, we won't be able to host you... "But" if you manage to ally at least two more women, I can arrange a resort which can be a comfortable zone for all of us, and a perfect spot for families wishing to join as well, green playgrounds, swimming pool and stuff… 
I didn't like what I just typed, why is it your fault if there are no other women?  I bet no one's going to show anyway, (the guys didn't confirm :/ ) we can just have a light dinner or something at a family section.
Oh and by the way, can I add you as a contact?

ok Ladies, we have the first rain drop here :D who else wants in? :rolleyes:


by the way every one, since tomorow is the 15th of October, I need confirmation of attendance from you guys so we can arrange everything.

I need your confirmation max by 02:00 PM 15 Oct, you have to private message me to get my mobile number for further coordination.

all the Best!


Hi Salman,

Thanks for the compliment.  I have to admit that I don't find too much to be daunting (I think it comes with age)--certainly not joining an online group, anyway :D

As for adding me, I invite you to do so!  I hope you've had some responses from the boys--if not, please don't be discouraged.

Something I've noticed here is that a lot of people seem to have lost their enthusiasm--they'd rather complain there is nothing to do than MAKE something to do!! :)


Thanks alot Alli!

now where are those confirmations? :rolleyes:

So you haven't heard from any of the guys who said they were interested in a meet-up??

nope, :rolleyes:

postponed till further notice

I am very keen to meet others here in Riyadh, and can definitely commit to a meeting if it is set(obviously as long as I am not working and have plenty of notice). The prob you have with people commiting is not unqie to Saudi. I had an online and offline group in London and people were always say they were coming and then did not show. But I am keen to meet others, some days I can't standbeing in the compounds another minute. I am keen  to get out and visit places like the desert, sight seeing etc. Let me know, and I will try to put the word out, I know some people who might be interested.

hmmm, sounds interesting.

let's see if you can find more interested (wanting to show-up, lol) people, we can arrange something after that.


great idea sir g ! m out of town these days ..when m back m inn :)

hmmm, I might wana interview you first :P

hey sorry guys..

i was out of riyadh..
now i m back.... update me if there is anything.


welcome back aftab..

I'll give out the news once anything is set.

by the way every one, I think I will be posting some "Rules & Regulations" for our not yet formed club.. I think security is one of the most important issues in our meetings and activities..  ( we wouldn't want unwelcomed surprises now would we? ;) )

stay tuned


haha interview for what ?:P

an interview to understand human nature ofcourse :lol:
so what are you doing in riyadh? you sound like a sporty chap :D


Hi All - My husband and I will be moving over this month and we are looking forward to meeting people, so we will definitely get involved and come to the get togethers!  We have been over twice this past summer, so we have a good feel for the culture - I just hope I can cope with not working and living on a small compound.  I'm pretty social so its going to be a challenge.


Welcome aboard!  You'll be fine because you're with your godfather (hubby) and so you can get around.

I'm single so I am basically .. in American words.. screwed! lol


your always welcome to join.


Awe, doesn't your company provide a driver?
and as a last option, can't ya always grab a taxi?


alliecat & Salman

Thanks for the welcome!  Transportation shouldn't be a problem Alliecat- I'll come and get you. :)  The one thing my hubby and I discussed was the driver - it was a non-starter!  I will have to have one.  We are really excited to get over there and set up.  We'll be living in the Siemens Compound the old Fal compound) and we have to furnish our house.  So our first few weeks will be fun.  We were scheduled to leave the US on the 19th but thats been pushed back to the 23rd and that may change again.  Ugh!  I hate all of the changes.
So Alliecat, you've been in country for a few months now (i've been following the site since July) how do you like it so far?  Have you had a chance to travel at all?  We too love to travel and plan to do lots of things.  We are also into diving, so weekends in Jetta are planned.  Well, please stay in touch-I'm going to need support when I arrive!  Cheers!!

i see... m doing acca. m very laid back kinda guy :)

OK good news will be coming soon by coming Saturday regarding an official outcome of the First Expat Club SA's meeting.

plus the rules and regulations ;)

stay tuned :D


It looks like that I missed that meeting! Yeah, no I wonder, I am still new to the block

Tahlia st. is cool but lots of kids and noise there

Hi All,

My name is Mark. I work for GE as a control engineer. I just arrived to Riyadh and I am looking for a "few good guys" to play bridge or tennis. As a matter of fact I would be greatful for any info, hint, tip about what live in Riyadh is all about. I am not young but I am not old fart either. I travel a lot and I love to meet new people and see new places.
I like Salmans Expat Riyadh Club idea. How do I join....please let me know.

Hi Mark!

I happen to admire and look up to older people, but I'll let ya getaway this time for calling them farts :P I know your kidding though ;)

first step would be an interview, since this weekend is done, I might not be free till next weekend, you can PM me with your contact details and we can work on how to get in touch.

Best regards, :D

btw Allie,

I love the new picture you uploaded. :lol:


Does it remind you of anybody?? :lol:


look at my signed name above. :lol:


Masrksta56, Ive been trying to round up a few blokes to play some Bridge on weekends but its been tough. There is one guy, though, who lives at the Rumaizan Compound who wants to learn and is willing to arrange for us to play there as and when we please. We stioll need a fourth.

Where do you live? North, Souith, east or West of the city. I am located on Exit 7 very close to the Rumaizan Compound, in fact almost on the same sytreet and the place is only about 1 Km from hy home.

This guy also play Golf. Am not sure about Tennis. Will ask n keep you posted.

..thank you much. Certainly we can try. It would be very hard to play with a guy who wants to learn but....maybe it would be a good idea for him to go and buy some bridge book first.
Learning when playing is very practical but I am not sure how many people you will be able to find who wants to play at this level. I am assuming none.

I do not know my location, I just got heer and I am not sure if I am north, south or any other direction. My first order of business is to move myself from the hotel to camp. There seems to be quite few of them, but they do not have many vaccancies. I have to try though.

Yes, please keep me posted and we will organize some game soon.

Thank you much,


Agree, its not easy to find people interested though. I started my Bridge in the 70s with the old Goren/Schenken bidding and have now adopted the Precision System that was used by CC Wei when his team went on to win the World Championships. I can adapt to any system, anywayts as long as I play it with a partner who is cooperative and also patient. Will see if we can get a 4 some soon. TC

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