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Hi everyone! On the way looking for new job in Cambodia i found this website and think it's great to start my expat life from here. So, nice to meet everyone!
P/S: If anyone have any question about Vietnam and want to travel there i'm happy to give a little advice.

Hi, why do you want to work in Cambodia? I thought Vietnam was powering these days with plenty of work.Just a change of scene?? ..That I  can understand.Wish you luck anyway,I love the place and I'm from Aussie...I return back next week and I'm counting the days..Plus it's as cold as a good beer should be...:cool:

Hi Karmaboy, I have just moved here about 2 months with my bf, and yep, it's a change of scene and life style so far... I love it here  :) I'm now looking for som volunteer or NGO works, and actually it's not as easy as I thought! Anyway, i'm still enjoying here :)
Hope you have a good trip back to Cambodia!

google "sols 24/7" and ask for Saya, great woman, great place in PP and great kids there


Catch up for a beer one day  LOL

Hi Karmaboy,
Thanks a lot for your help. I have tried to look for her contact like email or phone number but couldn't. Do you know any other way to contact her?
I have the Org's email but i did send few emails to other NGOs and they've never replied so I don't think it's good the way to contact through their website.
I'm sorry if i ask for too much and sorry for any inconvenience may caused but hope that you can help :)
Meet up sounds great but I can't drink. You know, Asian girls' blood...

Whats this Asian blood stuff, every Asian girl I have met has always loved a drop..Harden up Princess...LOL
You can contact Saya  on 012767510

This is another mob that will sort you out.
- These want money up front, while Sols do not, Sols will give you accommodation and food.I will go back to Sols when I get back and try to sort something out with my IT Skills.
I'm not too impressed with the NGO's in Cambo, you should see their Administration costs in the balance sheet....HHmmm too high for my liking, It's expensive you know,when you drive Lexus V8's and stay in expensive hotels, with a nice big expense account, slurping imported wine at the FCC in PP...I am starting one up myself anyway,in Kep this year...Non profit making and no fancy cars etc....I'll get off my soap box now....
Long live Cambo...

Please private message me if you want more info, I dont mind at all helping,its better to try and help in this world if you can. know...One day I hope it all comes back my way...most likely as a boot up the rear end :rolleyes:

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