what is the cheapest way to send money to Argentina?

I wonder about the way that people has to send money to argentina, their costs and restrictions.
Do ATMs deliver dollars nowadays, what is the max amount you could extract per day?

Thank you,

Western Union is probably the best method.

You cannot get US dollars here now unless you are a citizen with a DNI number and by filling in some forms to request the money for vacacion purposes only. Cristina has stopped the legal US dollar transactions in money exchanges and clamped down on possesion of them, you must specifiy where you travel to, how long for, why you need the money etc etc ..... we are not Vezezuela yet but getting that way! Having said all this, the black market still exists and will always do so. If you believe politicians have no savings in US dollars you are crazy.

Yesterday our President Cristina said that your pesos are more valueable than your dollar, safer and we all should have pesos not dollars.

Put the Fernet down Cristina, you've had enough.

thank you craggles.
I live in Europe and most of the argentinean politicians have their savings in Switzerland and "la Kretina" is not the exception.
Western Union and similars are too expensive, it is cheaper if I buy my fly tickets and bring the money there :)
and I wanted to try with PayPal, but yesterday they told me that because the latest Cristina's strategy, they do not work with ARS anymore..
Thanks anyway.

Makes sense, Cristina has changed all of her remaining dollars in Argentina into pesos, never mentioned outside of Argentina!
Buy your tickets and bring all your money with you is the best option, better still bring me some, even old Spanish pesos if you can.
If you really have to have an account, get someone to open one for you like a saving account and they give you the card and pin.
Otherwise it is the under the mattress trick. (preferably a swiss one made from cookoos feathers)