Just moved to Brussels, would love to meet people living here. :)

Hello! My name's Karen, I'm 22, I've just moved to Belgium to work here for the summer. Although my mother is Bruxelloise, I grew up in the Netherlands and study in Scotland, and am woefully ignorant of my native city! Not to mention that I don't really know anyone here.

So I'd love to meet a partner-in-city-exploring, or just people to go for the occasional drink with. I speak English, Dutch, French and Russian, I like to think I'm a nice person so get in touch! :D xxKaren

welcome to Expat.com :)

Hi Karen,

I am also looking for a friend cum partner to explore the city on next weekend. Please let me know if u r willing and free.

Will wait for your response.... take care and have a nice day ahead

Hi Karen,

if you want we can meet up next weekend. Some friends of mine coming over and I have to show them a bit of Brussels afterwards we wanna watch football. If you like you can join just write me an email, powerchris1[at]gmx.de

Looking forward to hear from you ;-)


Hi everyone....
This invite is for everyone to attend a meeting at Mappa Mundo near Bourse at 19.30 on Friday 15th June. The plan will be to meet for drinks and then see where the night takes us ;-)
This will give all of the new members of the group a chance to meet up with everyone as well as the 'old timers' a chance to catch up and meet more new people :-)
Please advise if you are able to make it so we can keep track of who is coming....
Looking forward to meeting you all there

Hi my name is Diana and I'm 25 Australian, just moved to Brussels! Would love to meet new people to have drinks with etc. or even any advice on where to find a place to live :)

Hi there,

I'd love to meet with you guys, I'm in Brussels most of the time and considering moving there now.
It would be cool to already have some friends and good tips on where to live....
Lets be in touch!


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