Dear ALL,

I have a job offer in Baku, Azerbaijan as an marketing executive for marketing lifts and escalators. I am an Indian currently working in Dubai. Here i would like to know , What is the Ideal salary for a decent living with family? Which area should I rent an apartment and how much it would be? What is the mode of commute?
How are the locals to the Foreigners? 

I request that you could help me to know something about it.

Thanks & Regards,
Ahmed Muad

I had 31 visitors yesterday, can any1 help me please I am in dire need.


Dear Ahmed Muad.You are well come to Azerbaijan and Baku city as well. To live a good life in Baku you ll need at least 1000 azn( 1300$). If you have kids around 1700 $.To rent a property- mmm. I think it ll better in down town. But its depends where your office ll be located.What is the mode of commute?- we have a taxi, a lot of buses and metro. Thanks Sevil

Hi and welcome to Ahmed !

Just a little more patience.
I'm sure other members will help you soon.
Just give them some time to read the thread ;)

Good luck

Thanks Ms.Lider, Yes Armand Im trying all my best to hold it:P. haha.
[at] Lider I still haven't arrived in Baku Insha Allah I will be coming soon, but before all that I need to collect a lot of information from experts like you.
Im quite sure that my office is going to be in a quite happening place where the all new construction is on, most to most my accommodation will be taken care of.
I'm not a lavish spender so my expenditures are always under my control:)
About commuting How long is the procedure to get  a driving license? is Dubai license valid in Azerbaijan?

Considering all above Can u please tell me what should be the Ideal salary for a family( only husband and wife)?
And is it safe to leave women at home while at work?

Thanks and Regards,
Ahmed Muad

Hello friends ........How r u all. I am looking for a job which is suitable for me according to my qualification........I am Md. Sultan Mahmud from Bangladesh. Please help /advice me how can I get a job in foreign from Bangladesh . Any one here for help me.......? Be happy friends.........

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