Gym Equipment

Does anyone know where to buy good quality equipment that you would find in a gym ??

That's a good question.  I would also be interested in knowing where I can buy a kettlebell in HCMC.

- is a good website that sells gym/work out stuff. But I don't think they have kettle bell though. However they do have dumbbells.

The show room of the company that provides all the gym equipment in California Fitness (District 4)is located at Crescent Gym (District 7) near Crescent Mall. 

Good luck.

Thank you so much Dopey, that is exactly the answer i have been looking for, i would be happy to buy you a beer for your help.


Where can I buy used kettlebells? :)

come to our compay : 161-163-165 KDC Trung Son, Binh hung , Binh Chanh, Ho Chi minh, we sell it pls visit this web

Kettle bells. Here, but Thailand. … e-weights/

They have a search result page for "Vietnam". Might be worth checking out. I'm looking for a weights mat, so I don't crack any tiles with the iron plates.


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