Real Estate in Tangier

Hi Everyone,
I'm a bit new to this... does anyone have any experience investing in real estate in the Tangier Region? I am speaking specifically of buying a home or an apartment rather than renting. Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

I realize now that the last message was a little too technical sounding. What I mean to say is would anyone be willing to share their experience buying a house or an apartment in Tangier? I'm not interested in "how it's done", but more about the inspirations, motivations and reactions people have had to situating themselves in the Tangier region... Buying a house is one of the most important decisions a person can makes in one's life. I was simply interested in knowing if anyone was interested in sharing that experience. It seems like an interesting discussion topic that people don't really talk about. Perhaps we might learn something interesting about each other.

I think you missed the second post... I'm not looking to buy a house!


I am thinking of moving to Tangier and I will be there in September to search for a guesthouse/home to live in with my mother. I will be hitting the ground running and will spend 12 hours a day each day I'm there looking for a house to buy. I am from the DC area here in the states.

Are you with HGTV? :)


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P.S send me info about real a state in Tangier for old houses in history of Tangier. Thank you.

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