Expats in El Rehab Ciry, Cairo

any 1 still in rehab or coming to rehab city soon?

I just read some old posts from 2012 about a social group stating up...did it happen? is it still in being?
I am due to move in soon so I would be keen to establish some contacts. Kind regards Gary

best expat community is in maadi .
new city like rehab and madinty are too far
if you need help please let me know

Guys this post is from over 4 years ago. All of the original members including myself left cairo over 3 years ago. Best of luck to all of you!

welcome to Cairo. I moved to New Cairo one year ago, i would recommend Rehab area, it's very safe,nice and green. So if you need anything you are more than welcome.

I am in. see u

Hello, my name is Mimi and I just moved to El Rehab City 7 weeks ago. I'm originally from NYC (born and raised in the big apple) and I'm looking to make new friends in the area. I was wondering if anyone knew of any expat groups in el rehab. if you do, please share the info. I'd be very happy to start making friends.

If there aren't any then I'd love to get one started

If your happy to start a new one i would be happy to join.....
Anyone else?

welcome Mimi :)
its better if u start new topic because this one since 2012 and last reply since 2014

Hey Mimi there are tons of groups on social media for expats I'm from NJ and NYC myself welcome

Hello Mimi ... my First Name is Sam and I am a businessman living in Heliopolis very close to Rehab City ... I'de be really happy to start a good friendship with you ... My Mobile Number is :
Hope to hear from you soon

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Hi mimi,hi Egyptian fellow, I have been in Sudan too for 5 WHOLE years! So I understand how you feel😕Although people there are the kindest but it's just boring!,anyway stay strong! And don't envy me, I'm still looking for a job here😪!
Dear Mimi, I'm living in Heliopolis,def. can arrange something,but my advice to you: take it easy and don't assume that everyone here will be so friendly,I'm half Egyptian but had to worn you,be cautious dear,specially if u have strong foreigner's genes 😐,blonde etc, some men here are not nice at all,
Welcome to Egypt and stay safe!

Hi All
I am in. Leaving in 5th settelment.
Welcome to a new experience
See u

Any plan to meet?

Hi Gary,

I'm Ahmed in Nasr City, it's near 5th settlement and Rehab, willing to go for a coffee some time.

I'm here to in The near Nasr city district, I would love be to join!

Hi there,

I hope you're enjoying your stay in Egypt. I'm Egyptian, and I live around. I'm looking forward to making friends with expats from around the world.


Hi all if you know a Female expat wants to work in Public Relation Company please mention her

hi, nice to know you. I'm about to move to Cario and work in 5th settlements in New  Cairo too. My company office in The Spot Mall.  Do you know any nice place living near The Spot?

Thank you!

Hey how are you hope you are okay I think it depends if you want this place cheap or expensive but by the way the best place for you is elrehap

Al Rehab City is a nice place to live in
Good luck

Meems iam infront of rehab .. and want be your friend if you dont mind

  call me Austine I am new here so would love to make friend with..i live in cairo

Hey Mimi,

Are you still living in Cairo? I will be moving there at the end of the year and would love to catch up with you regarding work life etc.


Hi Sylvia,

I hope you are well. Are you still in Cairo? I will be moving there at the end of the year. I wanted some advise around how to find work etc. Would you be able to give me some? I’m originally from Glasgow, UK



you're welcome Meems , let's get together

Hi I would like to be your friend.

hi all
im new here
and live in New Cairo


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welcome to Cairo plz contact if you are going out any time

u r right at all you words Sylvia :D

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