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hello my name is maisa , can i ask u how u spend ur time here in buraydah? and what to do here? only malls and not alot also i have a child and can not find any activity to do for him plz help if u can..

its a quiet city, excellence international school is good i will put my son next year.

can anyone tell me about the Pakistan International School in Buraidah? hows the standard of education there?

hi maisa,

we belongs to pak and comming there in nov.2013,
i have 2 children for them i m very much worried about their education, i have searched out for Pakistan International School but the admission will fall on april.2014 as mentioned in the website.
could u pls help me out about the accommodation/activity places/malls etc.

could u pass me out cost of living/style of living?

Hi mustafaaliq,

I suggest you check out the discussions regarding the Cost of living in Saudi Arabia please. It might be very interesting and useful :)

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Salam mrs dh, are you from pakistan? I have been living here since 3 years now. I was wondering if we could talk over the telephone or email. My email address is wardask[at]gmail.com. i'd appreciate if you could give me your's. I have 3 children and my eldest goes to the philipine international school.

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im dr tahani i will travelled to buraydah and i wish you help me to choose a school for my dauther she is KG2

do anyone know where i can find a place sell kanava art craft?

sorry for late, but i don't know any pak schools here but i guess there is ! because i know there is egyptian and indian schools so it must be also pak' !! anyway i'll ask for u :))

I too live in a compound, La Palma, and most of the locals are very rude to Western people. Other parts of the Magic Kingdom are much nicer than this region. If this is your first time inside KSA, please don't judge Saudis by the locals you will meet. The schools and people in the Eastern Providence of KSA are great.

Like most people in KSA, I am here for the money. I am not a Muslim and don't see KSA as anything other than a source of income and adventure.

Concerning schools- I can only repeat what some of my co-workers and folks at various compounds have told me. since I don't have first hand knowledge , I won't comment.

Advice-be home before dark and never speak of politics or religion to any one including those you are friends with.

Dear. Mrs DH,

My family arrived a year ago and due to no proper homework, we are stuck in Pakistan International School, which has not a good standard.

Now, we are thinking to change the school. Please let me know the phone nos. of schools you mentioned. Apparently all 3 have no websites. I need phone nos. of following schools.

-Any other international school in Buraidah.

Thank you for your information.



There is a Pakistani International School. Here is the link

I am sorry syj I saw your message today if u still need help let me know

I made a previous post regarding al khaleej education and training job offer for teaching. I wanted info about the city Buraydah- how r the ppl, is it safe, clean, are there a lot of places to shop, etc.?
Also does anyone have info regarding the compounds and if there are any amenities? (and more specifically anyone working for al khaleej staying in a compound in Buraydah?)

Hello,  I got offered from a company located in Buraydah.i m an engineering Prfesnal . compony provided me full furnished family accommodation.can any one please tell me how life at buriydah. For a outside family. I am from india.

has school started in Saudi? If yes, when exactly?

yes it started this week

I'm finding a teacher vacancies in alQasim please if any one can help in this matter

Hi. Any South Africans or Westerners living in Buraydah?


Hi everyone 

please help me to take desision  about housing
the best is to take a Flate or compound  la Palma?

2nd  point after work ... is there any intertinment ?

The Daly life  are realy bored ?

Buraydah is a conservative city and I would definitely recommend  living in a compound so as to have some sort of social life.


me too I'm waiting  an answer  for this questions 
I will move there on 21th may  and it's my first time  in KSA . And I'm asking  for  compounds  and social  living  there
if you get any information  please let me know 


So you live there?

Please advise me about compounds  name and coste


Life in Saudi Arabia is totally different to any part of the world. It takes some time to get used to it. You will experience huge culture shock.By living in a compound you have a chance to meet like minded people and to have a social life within an enclosed environment.

Thank  you 

can you give me a name  of a good  compounds  so I will  go directly 


I live now in a hotel have not been to any compounds in Buraydah.  While I was working in Riyadh I lived in a compound and enjoyed the social life.

Ah ok

It will be very helpful if you aske for me


This is the exact challenge I have in Buraydah. I do not know anyone outside of my company in Buraydah. I travel to Riyadh  on weekends when I can to socialize.


for there are many surprise  waiting  me there

thanks  my freind 

Every day is a surprise, Its a matter of getting used to it and working the system.

The are a compound  name  LA PALMA . Is there any information  about

Hi there,

I have been offered a job in Buraida and I'm thinking of renting out an apartment in the La palma village. Could you possibly help me find out about the rental charges?

Kind regards.

Somayya Bibi

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