Nice to meet you all

Hello everyone,
I'm Dina Porell, I'm an Egyptian but I live in S.Korea now. Married to an American. I'm a writer and a traveler.
I love animals, cooking, music.

writer i hope one day i will read ur book...

Hello Dina Porell :)

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Thank you,

o my future friend. take my love of heart. i want to live in south koria. now i am in italy. so how can go to koria. manage a korian girl for me to marry me. [email protected]

@ Hossain : I never saw such a stupid comment like this one before !

@ Biscuta: Welcome in Seoul ! Hope you'll enjoy the city :)

@ Mr.Edgar: I lived in Seoul before and I loved it. Now I live in Asan city.

Hi Dina..
This is Nermine - I am Egyptian too and currently living in Seoul..
I believe you are well settled now? I have been here for almost 14 months now and still can't find my way out.. Korea is so tough!

Hi Nermine_Nasr,

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