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I just found this site and I wonder if anyone of you guys live in Durres? My husband and I are living in Switzerland at the moment but consider moving back to his hometown at some point. I even think I am the one who would want to do this more than him. So does anyone have any experience with moving to Durres? Any chances to get a job? I also thought of opening a small coffee/shop/sandwich kinda bar place? I know there are heaps of them already but one has to make a living at the end.

Any comment is highly appreciated! Cheers guys! :-)

Hello Brig71 and welcome to Expat.com!

Hope that other members will soon share their experience with you.;)


I am living in Durres. In this moment is so hard to find a work in Durres, or to open a business as coffee or fast food. Stay in Switzerland.

Hello anesti,

Thank you for the input but please note that you posted on an old thread :)

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