document attestation process (family visas and how to apply visa)


zaqiula :


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I am planing to bring my family on permanent visa. Please let me know the the documents needs to be attested from India.

My profession is: Engineer.
I have my degree certificate and marriage certificate attested. Do I need to attest my child's birth certificate?

Also, please let me know the original documents required in Saudi arabia while applying for  family visa for my wife and child.

Sunheer V

I am also in the same process,
waiting for iqama as of now
your degree , marriage and child birth certificate need to be attested from India.
you have to carry the above 3 originals to Saudi and passport Photostat copies of your spouse and kid.

any inputs from members



I heard birth certificate attestation is not required. 

Are you sure about this birth certificate attestation? I heard only arabic translation of birth certificate is enough. 

Sunheer V

My agent told it is required,  even I have read in one of the threads in EB
next week I will go to visa office in Jeddah


hi nitish,

reply me , if u r looking for degree attestation .

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Hello would appreciate if any one could help in this matter

I am to arrive in KSA in In Sha Allah soon, i have a dependent  mother who is widow. I need to get her marriage certificate and my father,s death certificate attested from MOFA in my country which i will do soon. Just wanted to know  that the arabic translation process should be done at my home country or on arrival at KSA

This is to HRGuru, my job title is Thermal Coefficients Technician (Fany Moamallat Hararia), do you think I can bring my family on permanent visa?


Do we need to submitt birth certificates as well for the kids?

Birth Certificate should be attested from your home country,
then MOFA in jeddah, and next to be shown at Isteqdam
translation also required


Aoa Guru!
I have an offer frm KSA jeddah. They are giving me job of process safety engineer as i m experienced process safety engineer in pak. They are offering me supervisor visa and saying they will convert it to engineer after joining. Please guide i would accept offer or not as i need family visa in KSA. Is supervisor eligible fr family or not.


any one here who recently attested his degrees from Saudi culture/embassy with name spelling errors?

I have stamp of ministry of external affairs and saudi consulate in my degree certificate should it is necessary to get stamping from saudi cultural from my home country india for getting family visa also should marriage certificate need stamp from saudi embassy in my home country

your degree certificate should be attested with MEA, Saudi cultural and Saudi embassy,
you are saying it is attested with Saudi embassy, then it would have been attested by Saudi cultural also, check ur document properly

for family visa,
Saudi consulate attestation is required on marriage certificate
and also on child birth certificate ( if you have children)
translation into Arabic will be required for all the 3 certificates.
check with an agent for attestations


Does the translation have to be done in the KSA  or home country

in home country is enough


Hello Every One,
Now I just got Family Status letter from my company and want to proceed for Family Visa, kindly let me know the minimum requirement of an Educational Document in case of mechanical technician profession? Means if there is any minimum education is required to proceed for family visa or not? hope to get some quick professional advise please.
With best wishes for all.

Expat guru i have bachlor Degree in Arts already attested by Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture,  pls tell me which profession is suitable for me under my Degree to bring family???

Can i know that for applying family visit .. its important to attest the birthcertificate of baby ?

I got a job offer as director of events in hotels sector. I just sent my documents to embassy. The only thing I'm worried about is my degree. I have BA degree in arts which does not go with my job. I did not submit because I'm still working on process of motorizations back home Morocco. But I submitted my resume of 17 years of experience in hotels and work note from my sponsor . And also online certificate for hotel management.
Do you think I will have problems with degree?
My sponsor sent a letter addressing the ambassador how he needs me to join his company

Thanks for any feedback

so what if any of the child is 18 years and older , ive got the process almost done but when it came to getting the documents attested from the embassy they were returned . because two of the children are older than 18 yrs .  if any one knows how to get through this one please let me know .

Dear @HRguru
I have perfession on my ikama (sales Repersentaion) 
How can i bring my mother to ksa on family visa.  I am not married.  Plz let me knw.

mustafa haider :

Hello would appreciate if any one could help in this matter

I am to arrive in KSA in In Sha Allah soon, i have a dependent  mother who is widow. I need to get her marriage certificate and my father,s death certificate attested from MOFA in my country which i will do soon. Just wanted to know  that the arabic translation process should be done at my home country or on arrival at KSA


The translation of any documents should be done here in the KSA, cause it's required for the translation to be authenticated from Commerce Chamber in the KSA so the KSA Foreign Affairs can authenticate it, other than that it's just waste of time and money and you don't want to do it in India.

Translation and authentication here is too easy.

Good Luck.

Dear Sir

I am Living in Dammam By Profession I am Documents Controller in a company.
I am bachelor Degree Holder From university of Punjab Pakistan.I don't have any Diploma associated with Documents Controller Job ,I would like to bring my wife and daughter on family Visa ,Please Guide me about the attestation and how much salary is required for applying the family visa.

Special Request  :| :if you have time please Reply on ****

Best Regards
Waheed Qureshi

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i heard that technician proffession dont need to get the degree certificates attested. Is it true ?


I am residing in KSA on a business visa (work-visit) at the moment, working as a consultant. Now my company has decided to call me give me a permanent position with a family visa. The designations they are offering is Commercial Business System- Manager, which is at the negotiations phase.
I have a full time B.Com degree.

My queries are---

1. Which should be the best 'category' I should ask my agent to apply resident Visa for me, which has more chances to get accepted and I can work and keep family for a long time here?

2. Can I get my degree attestation process started for even before I get a formal contract in order to save time?

3. Do I have to get the below documents also attested?
----Wife's Degree attestation?
----Father's Death certificate attestation? (in case I have to call my mother on a visit visa)?
----Marriage certificate attestation?

4. Police Clearance Certificate is mandatory? For all members of family?

I will be grateful if someone can help me with the answers as there is a lot of ambiguity around these.

Many thanks,

Dear All,

I have attested my DAE certificate from Foreign office Pakistan and after it was attested by Saudi Embassy - pakistan, now I need to get it attested by Foreign office - KSA, but they are asking me to get it stamp by Saudi Culture, I have checked with my agent in Pakistan, he said Saudi Culture cann't attest this certificate since it is not attested by HEC, kindly advise how can I get it stamp by Foreign office - KSA inorder to get Family Visa.
Really appreciate advise, if any one can guide me.


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