Moroccan Arabic Study Group/Class


Wanted to see if there were others interested in creating a Moroccan Arabic study group. My sister-in-law is Moroccan and would be interested in helping (for a small fee) if we need a native speaker. I have a baby so I hope to hear from child-friendly folks!


Hi Gia, could you please post an advert in the section Essaouira classifieds?


good luck gia !! it's a good idea

I,i wanna join ur group of moroccan arabic study,let me know of any news pls :)

good idea,i'm in , let me know of the news.

if you need any help i am native speaker :)

Hi Gia

How did you go setting up this class?  I'd be interested in joining when I arrive in a few months time if you got it up and running.....please let me know by private message.


Hello where in Marroco?

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