Healthcare in Dominican Republic

One of the reasons I am active on this forum and not so much on the other.

Bob K

ARS in pluerto plata will accept you. I'm 76, a woman 73, and a man 86 was accepted. bob k and planner won't recommend ARS, but check it out and make your own decision.

Thanks Michael,  we try to stay civil even when we disagree!   :D

And yes Michael we stated the coverage and the cost of the plan I was given. Each person  can make up their own minds as needed.

Just did not make financial sense to me.

Bob K

I agree Bob.

Bob K wrote:

Junior welcome,

I have never heard of a company in the US that writes health insurance policies in the DR.  There are international companies that will cover the DR.  Look at Clements World wide for some info.

Bob K

BCBS told me that they will cover my wife in DR  from the USA but I think its risky. They told me in writing I have to pay the bill first and then apply for a refund.

Patricia Portela & Asociados S.R.L
My sister in laws daughter is an executive here at this company. She can tell you anything about the insurance industry here in Dom Rep.

She is an executive at an Insurance Agency.  So she has access to (likely) all the companies.  Always good to have that kind of contact. Where is the agency? What city?

texasdonkey wrote:

Patricia Portela & Asociados S.R.L
My sister in laws daughter is an executive here at this company. She can tell you anything about the insurance industry here in Dom Rep.

Great information ! :)

Can you please recommend her in the business directory ? I think that this will help a lot of people :)

Here is the link to the business directory : … insurance/

Thanks again for your contribution  :top:


You rock Priscilla!

Yes I can do that.

Yes she is in Santiago. I posted it in the insurance listings as a recommendation. They sell all kinds of insurance.  Giselle is her name. English is kind of weak but  she tries. Very Knowledgeable on insurance.

Hi planner, I was just wondering, is there an age limit with respect to health insurance in the DR? Would they also cover a preexisting condition?

Scott & Kari

Hi, you want to apply before age 64 1/2 otherwise you have very little option.

Often pre existing conditions will be excluded from coverage. Applications have very few actual questions!

Those conditions that are excluded  are usually covered after a period of time but this time may vary depending on your policy and the condition.

Bob K


I will be visiting Las Terrenas from mid Sept -mid Nov this year.

I am interested in different health insurance options while I am there.

Please advise.



You can't get a two month policy here. Get travel insurance from home..


I got travel insurance for 2 months for a total of $21with a $100,000 medical policy.

Glad you got that worked out

Bob K

What company and where?

Hi.  Can you advise me on a health insurance for my friend's one year old baby. They live in DR 
I have no idea what is good and where to start.thank you in advance.

Well not likely to get just the baby  covered.  You need a parent covered and the baby goes on the policy.  Where are they located?

Baby insured through parent. That would work. They live in La Vega close to Santiago

Understand that the insurance for the baby is almost as much as the mum.

Bob K
Thank you for all the specific knowledge you have and share. We have a condo in Cabarete and are only there a few weeks throughout the year. We rent the condo out to wonderful families for vacations. Our goal is to live there for 3 months at a time. This sharing of thoughts and conversation is great to ask questions and get honest answers. My main worry and feeling unsettled is that there are so many people ready to rip you off and lie. It is very hard being far away and getting things done in the condo. Painting, extermination, handyman stuff with someone you can trust. Do you have someone in Cabarete you can trust to do odd jobs, from pluming to electrician to carpentry that is fair, honest and priced fairly?

WE use different people for different things.  Do you have a management company for the condo?.  If so they should be able to handle things for you

Bob K

There are a number of health insurance companies in the Dominican Republic. Here a the top three providers in order of clients (highest first)

Humano (
Universal (
Palic Salud (
among others

Can you give me particulars on healthcare insurance cost for a 55 year old male and female married couple Living in Puerto plata Dominican republic. Excellent health needing health insurance cost as well as prescription drug info

I am in POP and have a group with Humano. Prices are per person per.month here but you can prepay. Both my plans include 5,000 rd of prescription coverage AND dental.

2 plans one is 1,700 RD and the other is 2,300.RD per month. Let me know if you want details.or to meet.

Universal also has a good.plan.

Can you email me the Specifics of the plan. Needing to know emergency visit coverage deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses etc.  The price you gave for prescription coverage is that per month or per [email protected]

[email protected]

Will do that is for medical insurance including.prescription and dental. Will send yo you a bit later

It seems to be that once you are over 65, health care is a taboo topic that no one wants to talk about. Has anyone found affordable plans or does life as we know it end after 65.

There is one plan here for over  65 but it has very little real value.   I am working with a company to try to  change that!   I will keep you posted.

I also have TravelMedevac for  North Americans needed to medically evacuated!  Most can afford  5 or 10 thousand in medical expenses (If they have no insurance, in case of emergency) but few can afford the  $35,000 to  $55,000 for private medical jet!

We have universal and are currently paying $2100RD a month per person and no pharmacy but does include dental.
Bob K

Yes med evac is important to have as we age.  We had a friend who needed med evac with no insurance a couple of years ago and they paid $45,000 USD out of pocket.

Bob K

Yes Bob it does become important!!! And it is not expensive, no where near what you might think! I will post a link tomorrow.

More info/ links please

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I come across this health care provider that has given me a good rate.

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