Healthcare in Dominican Republic

No we have been hit by the travel bug once again.  Leaving for a river cruise from Budapest to Bucharest this summer.  Plus our occasional trips to the US we need the international coverage.

Bob K

Thanks Bob!  Much appreciated :)

LOL!  I think your right planner, might have to stay in the DR forever and pray for good health ;)

Can a Dominican resident get travel insurance for short duration off island trips?  Here is the scenario, we have family in the Seattle area and expect to visit them after we get settled in the North Coast - will need coverage for US medical emergencies  during a trip later this year.



I would contact your local carrier, but I don't believe any here do provide traveler's insurance.
You may have to buy it from a travel insurance company

Bob K

Yes it is available but it is not cheap!   PM me if you want more info.

Do all the companies write this.  It would be good to know as I have friends here are constantly asking about this.


Bob K

NOt sure  Bob,  I know Humano does and at least one other.  For a quote we need names, ages, dates of travel, destination and duration of trip.  We can quote an annual policy or simple trip policy. But it is not cheap.

What do you mean by not cheap?

Bob k

It is expensive depending on all the factors.  I need specifics to get you a quote but one I did recently was almost US 200 for a 10 day trip

$200 wow that is crazy

Bob K

It was expensive likely based on where they were going!

how about the insurance itself? My husband is type I diabetic. He is on a pump with humalog. can I get this stuff down there with private insurance? Also, I am stupid when it comes to any insurance that isn't USA. Will I have any pre existing condition problems for him?

In most cases pre existing conditions will be excluded.

Yes it will be excluded by the local companies for up to a year or more in some cases.

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I'm moving my wife and 2 young daughters to Punta Cana in Aug.  We have yet to purchase medical insurance - I would love to hear your thoughts on;
1) insurer recommendations that represent the highest quality of medical care in the Punta Cana region
2) who to speak with (English speaking - for now)

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All companies are pretty similar and vary very little.  Getting someone to help you in English may not be easy.

Oh and welcome to the forum.  Are you going to be working in PC  is so maybe your employer maybe able to help you with the insurance issue.  Remember that ALL Dominican insurance policies ONLY cover you here in the DR and nowhere else.

Bob K

Welcome to the forums.  The two big companies and likely the best are Universal and Humano. I personally work with Humano.  IF you are going to be working, check with your employer. IF not then you can contact me directly as I am in La Romana, not far from Punta Cana.

Do you have to have residencia for humano and universal? Just curious and asking for those who might simply be there on a long overstay. Thanks :cool:

Nope a passport works fine!!!

Muchas Gracias :cool:

Hello good day.

My husband and I are moving to the dominican in jan 2016 and we would like to know what is the best way te have healthcare.

Thank you in advance

Greets Chantal

Welcome to the forums Chantal.  First thing to do is read the various threads that already have most of your questions regarding healthcare answered.  We have discussed a lot of this at length. Do a search of healthcare and medical insurance.  If you have additional questions ask away......

Can you please send me a link to the two companies that provide health care in DR? Can you apply for health care while in Canada, or do you need to be in the DR before applying?

There are multiple insurance companies here.  Yes you can apply from there but you need to be arriving here soon.  The company  I work with is Humano and the other is Universal.

I am having trouble finding them online.  If it is not too much trouble, could you send a link please?

By the way do you speak Spanish???  Here is Humano:

Hi JoHickey,

We use insurance brokers here. They go out and find you the best price.  Universal does not require a medical, Humano does.  They are the 2 most popular insurance companies here and well recognized at most of the medical facilities.  You should buy travel insurance that will get you through the first month or so as it takes a bit of time to get your insurance online here.  It's nice to have a broker that is close to where you will be living.  Makes life a lot easier.  I can give you a good broker to contact here in the Bavaro\Punta Cana area and they speak spanish and english.  PM me with your email address and I will send a request on your behalf and introduce you to the broker.  You will be able to take it from there. 

Best Regards,

MIke you are not quite correct.  Humano does not necessarily require a doctor medical.  Universal also sometimes DOES.   It is based on  your application statements and your age.

I run a group  with Humano and am a former insurance broker.  Mike's advice is good -  get insurance to get you through a month or so,  get your application made for insurance here so it kicks in quickly.  Not all brokers are created equal, make sure you understand what you want coverage for, how it will work here and  what you are willing to pay.  It is very different here then where you are from.

And I agree Humano and Universal are the better companies here.

Yes, you are correct Planner, It does depend upon your age and other criteria.  Being a retired individual, I liked the fact that Universal did not require "me" to take a medical.  Therefore pre-exisiting conditions (not much in my case) have not been an issue.  I tend to find Humano more expensive and not necessarily better but it's a personal preference in either case.  Some things that you might find you want coverage for (because you are used to thatin your country) may not be necessary in this country.  Dental is a good example.  You can find a reasonable priced dentist here that does good work and you can pay as you go or you can pay an insurance plan money all of the time and may never receive any benefit from it.  Or go with something that provides some coverage.  It all depends upon your individual needs and how well you communicate with the "locals".  Overall, I find insurance coverage here reasonable so far.

Insurance is like most things - it needs to fit YOUR needs and everyone is different.   The one big difference here is a groups - if you go to the companies directly you pay one price. IF you are part of a group the price can be very very different. 

I have found I made use of the dental (yuck)  but not the prescription coverage.   Others love the prescription coverage and use it all up.  To each his own.  JUST make sure what you have matches what you need. 

One of the things I like -  one of my plans with Humano allows you to see any doctor you want, pay and get reimbursed for the fees up to the coverage limits.  WIth almost all plans you HAVE to go to a doctor that accepts your coverage.   This is the plan I personally use and it has come in very very handy.  I was unlucky enough to have dengue,  a tic infection,  chikungunya and the complications of chikungunya all within  6 months!!!!!  Yup I used my insurance!!!!

Forgot I also broke my foot during that time.....  what a run!!!!!

Gee Planner if was not for bad sometimes you would have no luck :D:D:D only kidding.

Yes do use a broker in the area where you are going to live.  Cost is no more, easier to plow though the paper work and if a problem does arise they may be able to help you

We are in a group policy with Universal and are very happy with it.  We did include dental (which we have had to use) but not meds.

Bob K

Thanks Bob, hoping all the bad luck is behind me!!!

I hope so as well.

Bob K

hi to everyone. it's been a long time since I've seen this, showed up in my spam, don't know why. but I am glad I found it. I will be living in costambar in a few weeks and want to get health insurance. I had a list of companies who might except me at the age of 76 which I will be in a few weeks. that list was lost, computer failure. anyone know where I can look for these insurance companies, thanks

Sorry  honey  no one will accept you!

I hate to say, but i have checked as well and planner is correct as far as i know. One exception, if you or your spouse have your cedula and are employed with a company that provides health insurance, your in. Otherwise, you are on your own.

What is the age limit?  And what do Dominican people do after they reach that age? Are they on their own also?

Mike that works only for the gov't insurance via payroll benefits, not complementary insurance.

I don't know any company that will issue New insurance after age 65. Sorry.

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