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If you get the insurance before 65 and mantain it, do they drop you at 65 or do you continue to keep the insurance for the long haul? Thanks.

Ours with Universal you keep it when you pass 65

Bob K

I  fully understand!!!!  Cold - that is how a beer is. Cold - that is what Ice Cubes are for.

Thanks again Bob.

It keeps going Bob, but you cannot apply for a new policy after 65! Big difference!

Whoops, missed the other comment. Bob you have it correct. It's important to sign up while you are healthy and before 65.

Yes we have friends in their 70s now who started their coverage before 65 and have no problem maintaining their insurance.

Bob K

Hi, I am currently in Cabarete,DR and would appreciate a quote for healthcare for the North Coast.Thanks, Greg

Hi Greg I offer two plans with Humano,  first is currently 1,430 RD and the second is 1,893 rd.  My prices are guaranteed until June 30 of next year.  IF you message me your email I will send you the information on each plan.

Sorry  should have said these prices include dental and 5,000RD a year in prescription coverage as well as the usual medical coverage,  inside and outside of hospital.

There is a plan you can join here on the north coast with Universal that will run just over  $1200RD a month per person. We pay $2460 for two of us. PM me if interested.

Bob K

Thank you for your help!

My mother in law who is from France (age 66) has been living in Santo Domingo for several years and has no health insurance. She has developed some health issues and needs health insurance. What is available to her and what would you recommend?
Thank you!

First off welcome to the forum
Second not much available for her because of her age. Most companies here have an age limit of 65 for initial enrollment.

As she is from France is she eligible for any plan back home??

Bob K

I  second that welcome. There is one company that will allow enrollment past 65 BUT any health conditions she has developed will not be covered!  This is why we buy insurance when we are healthy.  If you want my help to try to enroll her in something, send me a private message, I am also in Santo Domingo.

I have an update on insurance for people over the age of  65 - there is no longer a company here who will accept people over  65.

IF you are nearing this age and do not have insurance, please do not wait, get some!

Thanks, I will look into her options in France.

Looking for healthcare insurance here in the Dominican republic.  I have insurance from an international company but it is very expensive.  I am looking for good coverage for my family.

welcome to the forums!!!!  I offer a group package from Humano and I will send you a private message. 

I offer 2 levels one is approximately US 37 and the other is approximately US 45.  Both come with 5,000RD of prescription coverage and dental.

Welcome to the forum. You will find answers to lots of questions here.
Where are you located. We have a group plan with Universal that runs us about $34 a month.

Bob K

Hi Planner I always see you mention that you offer an insurance group plan, are you also an insurance broker? Is this offer mainly for your employees? Would I get the same rate as an individual, or is it cheaper as a group? Thanks.

Hi,  no I am not a broker,  that is part of what I did in  my previous life.  I created a group for those of us without a group to join.  So  yes,  the rates are less expensive then if you got the same policy on your own.

I use Humano, which is one of the 2 best. The other one is Universal which is a very good company as well!  I chose Humano because they have more options, which I liked. 

The main part of my work is business consulting!

Thanks for the info planner, will keep that in mind when I'm down there and in need of health insurance.

Anytime!  Glad to be of help....

Good morning to you :)

Yes, I am interested in purchasing private health insurance here in DR.   We currently live in Sosua (2 adults).

We have heard through the grave vine, that the 'best' personal insurance you can buy, is around $200 US/month.  Supposedly, this gets you into any 'specialist' in DR within an hour.

Your thoughts?


Welcome to the forums.  Unfortunately I don't know where you got this information!  I've never heard of anything like this.

The reality is you can get into any specialist here pretty much, how you pay them will depend on if they accept YOUR insurance package.

The system doesn't really work with appointments! I have found very very few doctors who both work with appointments and actually honor them!   You do not need a referral to see a specialist either,  you just show up!  It is both interesting and frustrating.....

David the most expensive product I offer via Humano, is about US 100 a month.  I really do not suggest it as you can get very good coverage for less then US 50 a month and that is what I personally have. As a former insurance professional, I have studied the offerings and got what I thought was the best for me, and the best to offer my clients.

If you want more information message me your email and I will send it to you. And I will be in Sosua next week if you would like to meet to chat about this.

Thank you very much for the prompt response.


David first off get your email address of the public board or you will be swamped with junk mail, penis enlargement ads, and other junk
Second, should be first welcome to the forum
Third PM if you want. We live on the north coast in Sosua as well and have a group policy with Universal (the other major
insurer here for health insurance) the cost for the two of us is
$2880RD a month (less than $68 US a month).

Bob K

LOL...... thank you for the advise Bob.   I guess I never thought about the consequences regarding 'advertising' my email address.    Good heads up.

We live up in La Mulata area.


Info will be sent David.  Yes good point Bob, i will have the email address taken off.

Hello Bob.
If you are willing, pleased provide me with your phone number and I can call you off of SKYPE (we're using our computer as our telephone for calls out).

I would love to meet up with you........either at our place or downtown Sosua at your choosing :)


David I don't do Skype but will send  you my "international number (VIOP) as well as my DR phone number in a PM

Bob k

I am a US citizen but have family in DR and visit there often.  I am considering having a tummy tuck there and want to know if there is any health insurance that will cover it in a private hospital in Santo Domingo

No that is elective surgery and will not be covered. Sorry.

thank you - I heard that Universal covered it - guess they were wrong...Do you have any recommendations for private doctors that perform this surgery in Santo Domingo?

I am not aware that Universal covers "elective proceedures". You might want to check with Universal direct.  I would guess that if they would cover it then there will be a "waiting" period of some time (usually 18 months). 

Before coming here for elective "plastic" surgery do lots of checking in to the doctors and clinics involved.  There have been some real disasters that have and continue to occur here


For elective procedures there is no insurance.  With all plans there is a waiting period.  For example a friend who had Universal  had to wait 6 months to have her tonsillectomy covered.

Dental as well will have a waiting period. Cleaning, xrays and fillings will be immediately covered but root canals, crowns etc will phase in starting at 6 months.

They do this so that you don't take out a policy and get all the work done and then cancel it two months later.

I am retired and live in Santiago . I turn 65 on May 22nd.    Can i still get coverage before my birthday, 2 weeks from now ? ?

That might be tough. I would go to the office of Humano and or universal and apply immediately.

THANK YOU ,,for your reply !!

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