Healthcare in Dominican Republic


how does the healthcare system work in Dominican Republic  ? Is it efficient ?

What are the main differences between public and private sectors?

Is it recommended to purchase private health insurance in Dominican Republic ?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience !


Health care here can be 3rd world many times.  There are some better hospitals and medical care but that will be in the major cities (Santiago, Santo Domingo)
There are both private and Public hospitals with the Private many times being pretty modern by western standards and the Public facilities extremely lacking both in equipment and care.

Most expats have local (covers DR only) and some form of International insurance. Health care is cheap however when compared to placess like the US.  Here you can see a doctor for a consult for about $25 with no insurance and $5 with the local DR insurance.

Bob K

Thank you Bob K for sharing :)


For us expats you really  should buy health insurance.  You do NOT want to go to a public hospital  should anything happen. The public hospital is not a place I would want to go!!!

Bob is right when it comes to seeing a doctor,  inexpensive.  BUT if you have an accident or get seriously ill then you want to go to a private hospital or clinic.  For that you will want to have insurance.

Private insurance is not expensive and will range from US 30  to US 100 per person per month.  Decent  quality coverage can be had for about US 40.

Anyone who wants more info can  email me.


Hi,i life for 14 years in the Domenican Republic and i can only tell you that it is really important to get private health insurence.There you can choose from diffrent plans with different coverage.In the big cities you have really good hospitals,but without insurence they let you die on a floor,believe me.
My insurence called " Humano" and i pay about 92 US$ for 3 months.
Bye Katrin

katrin67 wrote:

Hi,i life for 14 years in the Domenican Republic and i can only tell you that it is really important to get private health insurence.There you can choose from diffrent plans with different coverage.In the big cities you have really good hospitals,but without insurence they let you die on a floor,believe me.
My insurence called " Humano" and i pay about 92 US$ for 3 months.
Bye Katrin

You are  absolutely right  Katrin!  Great advice.

will be in DR for 6 to 8 months. Concern about getting insurance for my 2 year son. I guess a family coverage would be good. Want to know how and where to get health insurance? What hospital to go to?

Yes you should get insurance,  what area of the country are you coming to and when?  I can help you with the insurance!

hello how are you. Yes my fiance and I are awaiting visa to be processed for US. We have lived in Sosusa and punta Cana before so we are somewhat familiar with the DR. Any help with health insurance would be greatly appreciate. We are also looking for apartment in the area.

I can help with the insurance, I sent you a private message, but cannot help with the apartment.  I am sure Bob will offer you some insights.

So which area are you going to be in  while you wait 6-8months (or longger)for the visa.
Here on the north coast there is a group plan that you can join but you need to be in the area.

Bob K


We just did $1000 for a year for my wife and I.  Universal for our car and health.
I didn't get it for the first few months, wife has a lump, so we had to pay for the biopsy.  $800 cheap but still would have been a lot less or totally covered if i got the insurance when we forst arrived.  (2 month waiting period once you start insurance).

I've never paid for Health insurance so to me i wasn't happy about it but it is cheap compared to the states!

I am not sure yet. I will return back there in July or August. I lived in Sosua before. I am not sure if I want to go back there. If I can find a nice place in Santo Domingo I may try to live there for a reasonable price.


If  you are on the north coast let me know and I will get you the information.

Bob K

doctors run in our family here. we have two cardio doctors and two surgeons here in peurto plata.. They are in the Centro Medico Bournigal (Bournigal Medical Center) All have recieved training in the united states with the exception of my daughter she is a one year out of medical school and will be going to USA for more training. Anyway yoy have to go to the right hospital to get good service. Prepare to wait and you might not even get waited on the same day if not a dire emergency.. do the health insurance. My wife and I have USA insurance but our daughters we get them dominican insurance as they are young and its cheap.. but if you have any questions i can ask my family. they will steer you straight

Great post ptopla!!!! I agree with you and Centro Medico Bournigal was where i went and where I sent others!  I received excellent treatment there!

Thanks Planner I try
Dr's Santana are my relatives. They are great people and actually have music dvd's out also jajajaja.

I love it singing entertaining doctors....ONLY in the DR...  awesome.

ptopta good post. I agree on the hospital and if fact is the best on the north coast.

We also use HOMS hospital in Santiago and in fact have had surgery there.  Coming from a medical back round my self (retired MD) I can be picky.

Bob K

hi i'm 73 can I get that insurance

I have some calls into the providers to find out!

At 73 you would not be able to qualify for our plan.  Sorry

Bob K

thanks bob, just after asking you, I noticed planner had the same insurance and I found out from her the same info

Michael my group plan is a different carrier then what Bob is talking about.  I've asked a broker if ANY carrier will cover you. I hope to have an answer for you today.

And both carriers - the group Bob refers to and the one I use are excellent!  They are the 2 best in the country! Either will be an excellent choice for anyone who qualifies.

Neither Humano nor Universal will accept you.  However we are checking with all other companies for you.

thank you very much for looking into insurance for me, you've gone a step above helping

No problem at all honey!

Looking for a quote on health insurance for 2 women, age 55 and 49!

I sent  you a message on insurance

I just arrived an have universal exclusivo medical ins.  Is that a good plan.


We have Universal and are very pleased.

Bob K

Universal is a very good company!

Hi planner,

my name is Lara and I am planning to move to DR, more specifically in La Romana/bayahibe by December this year, to work for an NGO.
I was wondering if you could help me chosing an insurance company and which is the best hospital in this city in case anything happen that I know where to go :-)

Is there any chance that my employer takes the insurance for me and deduct it from the salary or it is always better to have a private separetly?
By the way am 33 and in perfect health so far, so how much could that cost?
thanks a lot!

welcome to the group! Your employer must provide "seguro de la ley"  which is basic emergency coverage.  I would suggest strongly you get private coverage.  There are 2 really good companies here, Universal and Humano. I administer a group with Humano and can help you closer to the time. 

As to which clinic to go to where you will live, I will have to ask others as I am in Santo Domingo.

Private insurance can range between US 30 and US 100 a month, the policies I offer are US 34 to US 45 a month with today's exchange rate.

Hi planner,

thanks a lot for our quick response. When you mean "the policies I offer" does that mean that doing it through you is cheaper than directly by Humano? Which is the coverage difference between Humano and Universal?

thanks again!

yes because I have a group policy there is some savings. And i cannot tell you exactly what the differences are as I do not offer Universal.  I can only send you info by email for Humano.

I have seen  Dr Mejia before. I've been flying up to Florida to see a pain Doctor but its to expensive for me to keep doing that. I need to see a Doctor in Puerto Plata who will prescribe me my morphine medicine there. The US consulate told me to do this. Can you please tell me if Clinica Brugal will be where I should go?
Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Clinica Brugal is good as is Centro Medico Bournigal.

By the way, I was in an accident in Imbert back in 2002. I was taken to Bournigal. I had a collapsed lung, broken ribs and 3 exploded vertebrae. The emergency care was life saving but the Doctor didn't see the exploded vertebrae in all the X-rays he shot. He told my my pain was in my head and sent me home after 10 days. The pain was huge and getting worse. After 2 weeks at home my brother came and got me. We went back to the doctor at Bournigal and asked if I was ok to fly. The doctor shot anther X-ray and sent me on my way. When I got to a doctor in Chicago he barely put that X-ray in front of the light and immediately saw the exploded vertebrae and admitted me. Since then I know another person whom had the same issues after his accident but the new ortho doctor at Bournigal saw the problem n the X-ray and did the surgery and my friend is in great health today. I realize I had bad luck with the doctor who was working there at the time of my accident and am very happy to say that Bournigal is now the best hospital in the DR. Unfortunately due to the time lapse between my accident and my surgery there was only so much that could be done for me and I live with extreme pain for the rest of my life. All I wish for now is somebody to refer me to a doctor in POP that I can see for my medications. I've lived here for 12 years and can't afford to keep flying up to the states for my medications. Can someone please help???

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