Americans in Salzburg - please advise me about the US

Recently, I won a Green Card in the lottery and now consider moving to the U.S.;
I am looking for Americans living in or around Salzburg who would like to discuss my plans with me (male, over 50, academic). Just name a place of your choice - I'll pay for the drinks!
Do you have a suggestion where in Salzburg I should put up a little sheet that Americans would notice?

Hello rockville.

Welcome to!

You can check the list of American expatriates in Salzburg.

You may also ask your questions on the Salzburg forum so as to invite other members to participate and give you advices.

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i am French but i lived in Texas for 4 years. I enjoyed it.
now my wife and i are near Salzburg
let us know if you would like to meet

I moved here from Atlamta 9 years ago.  I am on facebook if u want to talk.  Ken ***.  Berchtesgaden.  😀

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malloyk1 :

I moved here from Atlamta 9 years ago.... Berchtesgaden.  😀

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