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I'm Anja, half Filipina and half German. I stay in Manila and work for a Callcenter as a Multilingual Agent. We are getting paid very well and now I'm looking for German or French speaking People, willing to work for a Callcenter in Libis, Eastwood.

We are also still hiring English speaking Agents and with other language skills. So if somebody is interested to work for a Callcenter, just send following details to anja_antiporda[at] and the HR will call you as soon as possible to schedule you for an interview!

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Ok, hope to hear from some people here and hope I'll be able to help some jobseeking persons here  ;)

Good Day we are intereed, we that is Gregor my Son and i Wolfgang Schlauch we speak englisch and natuerlich Deutsch. Wir sind in Zamboanga zuhause und willig nach Manila zu gehen. weitere informationen ueber unsere skills, geben wir Ihnen umwendend nach Ihren freundlichen E-Mail. oder Anruf 09209020526

Besten  Dank und mehr power

Wolfgang Schlauch

I am English speaking and also in routes of trying to move to manila or Davao City. Can I be of some assistance in your callcenter? camancheiaman[at]

         We require some good experienced girl who had worked dealing with the credit card orders and taking the card details over the phone.

The main job of the girl will be converting our declined sales and we will pay 10$ per approved or converted declined sale.


could you tell us more about the jobs, the requirements, the positions, the work itself, and the salaries ?

Hi there Anja, i am also a fluent english speaker and writing in regards to your job advertisement. I am very interested in moving to the philippines davao city in particular, and maintaining a living.

hi spanish guy ......i wanna work in phillipines....i talk spanish and english........can u help me???......i dificultt to find a job there???.....thancks

hi bolasebo, if you are going to live in Cebu, Philippines. You can work in a Call Center Philippines. There are some call center companies that accept applicants who are fluent in Spanish. You can also search using google and type "Spanish Speaking Call Center Agent Jobs in Philippines" You will get some good results. Hope this helps bolasebo.



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do you still need people talking french?

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Hi Anja,
pls advise whether you are still looking for multilingual agents.
I am Rolf, a German native engaged to a Filipina and living in Quezon City now.
I speak Italian, German and English at the level of mother language and hold a Masters Degree in Literature.
More details upon request.
Thx ur soonest reply
Best regards

PS: my phone no: (02)4331944 and: (0927)2127778

Hello Rolf.

This thread is dated 2007. I invite you to post an advert in the Jobs in Philippines section. It shall help. :)

Good luck,


am from CAMEROON i loocking job in call center for frenchsupport in manila

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hi anja,hat sich erledigt ...

Jerry C. Patrocinio :

hi anja,hat sich erledigt ...

As this is an English speaking forum could you please post in ENGLISH only.

Perhaps introduce yourself so that others may interact with you.

Hi everybody,

As this thread is a very old one, i am closing it.



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