Leaving Chennai - A perfect driver available to be hired

I have been an expat in China and India for three years. I have been lucky to have a perfect driver in the past six months. His name is Johnson and as I am leaving Chennai soon my driver is available to be hired.

He is very good in english, knows Chennai in and out. Very diligent and always dependeable. In the past sixth month I have been working with him I have not had a single issue with him and he has been a great help for me to get used to Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

I highly recommend him to all expats living in Chennai.

I am looking for a reliable driver. Can you please reply /mail back to me vidhyapsl@yahoo.co.in with the contact details.

we are moving to chennai in june from bombay. can we hire him then,we will come to interview him in march.

Do you have any tips on how i can go about finding househelp and babycare nannys?

Thanks a ton