Group Meditation

Hi everyone,
I just moved from Egypt 5 days ago :) I used to participate in group meditation classes there and I was wandering if any of you here is practicing meditation and interested in group meditation classes.
Please tell me and share your ideas if you're interested.


Hello Balwins and welcome to

I invite you to post an advert in the Riyadh classifieds section. It might help you.


Dear AurélieZ, thanks for the suggestion, maybe I didn't mention that the classes will be for free for everyone, just a group gathering, meditating and sharing our meditation experiences.
I just need people who are practicing or interested in meditation to meditate together, the group meditation experience itself is paying well in radiating our inner light, reducing sleeping hours, stress relieving, getting a will enough to control our minds not vice versa, better concentration and memory, higher energy level on your daily life... and a lot more.

Keep me in the loop. I will be over in a few weeks. Have meditated for some time and would be willing to meet up with others.

You were thinking of a once a week gathering?


Id be interested in  meeting up with you also.  Please keep me informed.  Ill be there in a week.

hello Baldwins ,Simonsalsa  and llstreve, nice to meet you all. :)
I am interested in the group meeting for meditation. Could you please let me know the place and time table for that.

Hello Masters,
I arrived to Riyadh just yesterday :)
If anyone can help finding a suitable place we can gather and meditate in please send me a PM.


I'm really interested to get involved in this. What are the details please?



This is majeed from long time im searching for meditation classes .
Im interested to join this group  could you tell me the time in it please


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Hi Majeed,

This is an inactive topic [since 2012]. You should post an ad in the Riyadh classifieds section.

Hi I’m intrested

Sorry I left Saudi, hope you can find other groups :)

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