Anyone interested in a Travel Club?

Hi there,

I thought that probably we can start a Travel Club in Budapest, somewhere in the city center. I guess that there are many expats in this city, and I would like to organise a special event, where we can share our experiences about our original country and culture, and get to know other people as well.
I think that we can held it regularly and in every occasion someone can prepare with talk and photos, etc.
If you are interested, please write me to the following address: travelclub19[at]

Personally I think it's a great idea. Unfortunately not for me though as I live 2 hours away:o(
We're hoping to do something similar on a smaller scale in Eger as there's a few expats here also.
Good luck with it.

Neat idea for sure!
Am not in Hungary for the next few months / years.
And like PD we are 2 hours away from Budapest :(

It is a great idea- too far away from Budapest to join in though.  What about putting a note on other sites like Funzine etc?

internations/org hold regular monthly social events in Budapest..

Yes, I also thought that is a good idea but unfortunately all of you, who are interested in are in the countryside...

To be honest I am a native Hungarian who have just come back from abroad and miss the multicultural enviroment. I thought that I can organise sg like this because then there is a reason to gather together (and it is not just about meeting with expats in Hungary - I know that there are some clubs like that, but I think it is a bit unnatural, it is better to have an interesting topic in the first meetings).

Unfortunately I haven't got any e-mail so far but I am happy that there is a conversation here about the idea.

Do you live far away from each other in Hungary? If not, probably we can do it in the countryside somewhere, and I travel there from Budapest:)

And also thanks for recommending Funzine and internations/org, I will check them.

I'll be def. gone for some time.
If you ever get to Egypt let me know ;)

It could be a great topic to speak about Egypt in our first club:)
But I guess you will be there for a long time.

I hope so ;)

Hi there I was wondering if you are still having this travel club. It sounds interesting I'd love to meet some new people from Budapest particularly other expats like myself. Hope to hear from you soon. Imola

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