Family Visa


I would like to know the steps to apply for family visa in Bahrain and how long it takes to get a family visa.

My husband is new to Bahrain. What are the things he should have to apply for family visa.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Attitude[at]123,

Here you go Link for all documents required for a Family Visa Application.

Hope this helps :)


Thanks a lot VidoDido!


I went thru the link you had sent me.
It is mentioned

"A copy of the wife’s passport (Including the page that has the husband’s name – applicable for Indian and Pakistani Nationals only) "

My passport doesn't have my husband's name.
Will this create problem.
We just have our marriage certificate.

Or is there anything else that we can do?

Thanks in Advance,

I think marriage certificate should be enough :)

Thanks vidoDido:)

Hi Attitude123

Actually, for Indian there is a specific requirement about the husband name being mentioned on the passport.
This is valid and mandatory...

Sorry for bringing bad news here :(



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