family reunion

just want ask about family reunion , according to family reunion visa type D if 21 over and still dependant .It is possible that i can come to my family in EU .Proof of applicant has no income ( SSS+ BIR certificate) How about if I have income but not permanently employ ! I am curious if they will deny me because of this temporarily income but mostly my support is coming from my parents ... need advice .. thanks

Hi Manila,

If you have type D visa, it is valid upto a year, 365 days. Is your family living in EU, brussels? For family reunion visa you do not have to show your income but whoever in your family has invited you should have 8k-10k bank balance approx. for your application to come through easily. There is no limit mentioned that needs to be in your bank balance, better to have sufficient fund so that you will be looked after well without you earning. Please provide all the necessary documents and details in the application form which you will submit to the embassy.


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